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Plan of Study

There has been a change to the course STAT 8010 effective Fall 2017. It has gone from a 4-credit course with a lab to a 3-credit course without a lab. For students who have taken it with the lab prior to Fall 2017, the current fix for the GS2 Plan of Study is to select both STAT 8010 and 8011, and also choose a STAT 8999 - TRANSFER ELECTIVE, choosing 1 credit hour. Once this has been added, enter an explanation into the Transfer Courses Comments text box stating that when you took STAT 8010, it was a 4-credit course that included the 8011 lab. Questions or concerns can be sent to

The GS2 is online and accessible through iROAR. Submitting your GS2 is a two-part process that includes A) Committee Selection and B) Plan of Study. Below are the steps to navigate the GS2 online.

Degree-seeking master’s and specialist’s students must submit the GS2 by the middle of their second semester of study. Doctoral students must submit the GS2 no later than the beginning of their fourth semester of study. The final version of the student’s GS2 must be on file by the date specified by Enrolled Services (graduation deadlines can be found on the deadlines page), or a late fee of $25 for the first day and $5 for every additional day will be charged.

  1. Go to the iROAR portal and select the Already have a Clemson account? Log In option (login required).
  2. On the next screen click the iROAR SSB button Records and Registration located under the “Dashboard” heading.
  3. From here, click the Student button iRoar Student Button.
  4. Select the Student Records tab iRoar Registration Tab that appears just below the student button, and you should now see several options, including the GS2 links.

From here, you have access to both the GS2 Committee Selection and to the GS2 Plan of Study. Please review the Policies below (found in full in the Graduate School Policies & Procedures Handbook), followed by the Helpful Hints, before you move forward in setting up your Plan of Study.

For a more in-depth review on how to complete your committee selection, please review this Committee Selection document.
To review steps on completing your Plan of Study, please review this Plan of Study document.

TIMELINE — Students must select their committee and get approval prior to the submitting of the actual Plan of Study.

  • Degree-seeking master’s and specialist’s students must submit the GS2 by the middle of their second semester of study.
  • Doctoral students must submit the GS2 no later than the beginning of their fourth semester of study.

Under the approval process, students must select their committee and get approval of the committee and all other parties prior to the submitting of the actual Plan of Study.

Policy — Plan of Study

If you are a degree-seeking graduate student, you must file a GS2 Plan of Study or graduate degree curriculum (accessed via iROAR) near the beginning of your program of study. This planned program represents your individual curriculum as recommended by your advisory committee. It must adhere to departmental as well as University policies. The total number of graduate credits required for the degree is determined by your advisory committee, consistent with the specific program guidelines and Graduate School policy. These credits constitute the core of your graduate degree curriculum. All transfer courses listed on the GS2 must conform to the policies on transfer courses. These documents may evolve, with advisory committee approval, throughout the course of your degree program, and changes should be reviewed and approved by your committee, and a new GS2 form submitted whenever a change occurs.

If you experience any problems completing or routing your GS2—Plan of Study, or have questions about how to make changes to your GS2—Plan of Study, please send an email to

Deadlines  Students pursuing a master’s or specialist’s degree must submit the plan of study by the middle of their second semester following matriculation, and doctoral students must submit the curriculum no later than the beginning of their fourth semester of study following matriculation. If you don’t meet these deadlines, you may be blocked from registering for courses until you submit a plan of study.

Final GS2 and graduation In order to be approved for graduation, your must file your final GS2 by the deadline listed on the graduation deadlines web page. Failure to meet these deadlines may result in late fees and/or your inability to graduate when desired.

Advisory Committee, selection procedure

Your advisory committee approves your degree curriculum, supervises your graduate program, administers the final oral examination (if required), and initiates the recommendation for the awarding of the degree. In addition, the advisory committee may administer qualifying (or preliminary) or final comprehensive examinations. One member of the committee is designated as chair (or major advisor) and normally directs your dissertation or thesis, if required.

Every student enrolled in the Graduate School must form an advisory committee not later than the middle of their second semester after matriculation into a master’s or specialist’s degree program, or not later than the beginning of the fourth semester of their doctoral program. Individual programs that require a standing exception to the timeline for curricular reasons may appeal for an alternative timeline to be approved by the Dean of the Graduate School.

Advisory Committee, composition

A minimum of three faculty members must be selected by a student seeking a master’s or specialist’s degree, and a minimum of four faculty members must be selected by a student seeking a doctoral degree. All members of an advisory committee must be current members of the graduate faculty. The majority of the advisory committee, including the chair, must include full-time Clemson University Regular or Administrative faculty as defined in the Faculty Manual. Special faculty may serve as co-chairs or committee members as long as the chair is a permanent faculty member appointed to the graduate faculty and the Special faculty member(s) are members of the graduate faculty. The chair, co-chair, or at least half of the committee must have a primary appointment in the program offering the degree. If the student declares a minor, this area must be represented on the committee. Committee members of interdepartmental programs are to be appointed according to bylaws (formulated by the program faculty and endorsed by the academic unit housing the program). For additional details about faculty qualified to serve on your advisory committee, see the Graduate Advisory Committee topic in the Graduate School Policies & Procedures Handbook.

Helpful hints

  1. When selecting your committee, please discuss the process with your Program Coordinator or the department chair before speaking with individual faculty. Your first task is to find a committee chair. Then speak with faculty members about their willingness to participate on your committee. Once you have their verbal agreement, then complete the Committee Selection Workflow on your SSB portal. When all committee members have accepted the request to be on your committee, then you may prepare the Plan of Study.
  2. It is recommended that you enter the Committee Chair first and then enter your remaining committee members.
  3. Before sitting down to enter your GS2 Plan of Study, have a completed list of courses that your committee members have tentatively agreed will satisfy your academic course requirements.
  4. Not all departments require the term that you have taken or will take a course, so check with your program coordinator about departmental preference.
  5. If you are pursuing the non-thesis master's option, make sure that you have discussed with the program coordinator any other requirements that may need to be completed; for example, will a GS7 be required?
  6. Transfer work can be listed by selecting courses numbered 6999, 7999, and 8999, then adding an explanation in the transfer block.
  7. Remember, once you hit submit, you will not be able to make any additional changes your GS2 until everyone has approved or someone has denied your plan.
  8. Note the two blocks at the bottom of the page when entering any information. You MUST click the update box before submitting it for approval.