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Camp Counselors International Study Abroad

Are you ready to discover new things? Challenges? Adventures? Combine service and learning? Do you love camp? Enjoy working with children? A course without any classroom walls…experiential learning at its best!

Discover the possibilities for remarkable experiences and earn credit at the same time. You have the opportunity to serve as a youth camp counselor in Russia, represent your cultural heritage in the Russian republics and impact others to create memorable moments. All majors are welcome, and you don’t need to speak Russian (really!). Airfare is included.

Camp is a powerful tool for youth development, and different cultures conduct camp in very different ways. 

  • Camp in Russia is offered year-round with an emphasis on team-building as a collective society. 
  • School children in Australia participate in outdoor education camps.
  • Youth in South Africa learn about HIV prevention while at camp. 
  • Youth in Turkey learn English and live as an “English-in-action” model for recreation and conversational language instruction. 
  • Russia has more camps than anywhere else in the world! 
  • Where do you want to go this summer?

“I never imagined that I would feel at home in Russia, I can’t wait to return”

Taylor, PRTM major


Learn about youth development as you serve as a camp counselor and English/American culture instructor at a Russian youth summer camp. Earn upper division credits in PRTM 390 (3-6 credit hours) and/or ISSO 2100 (pending approval). Travel with professor Gwynn Powell and undergraduate and graduate students through a partnership with Camp Counselors USA for five to seven weeks this summer! We promise you don’t need to speak Russian, but we can make it language intensive if that is your goal. You help set the learning objectives to help advance your major/career. Check out the assignments.

“There is no way to learn this much in the classroom...we learn by doing!”

Kirby, Speech and Communication Sciences Major


Spend four to six weeks at a Russian camp in the Mari El Republic located on the beautiful Volga River (16 hours east of Moscow by overnight train) and explore Moscow during orientation. We work in pairs at several camps located near each other such as Lesnaya Skazka (Forest Fairy Tale) and Kooperator (Cooperator). It is a true immersion experience as you live and work side by side with Russians.


Mid-June to mid-July (or for just the cost of insurance, stay with Gwynn Powell until early August). The program fee includes round-trip international airfare (N.Y.-Moscow), Moscow orientation and sightseeing, ground transportation to camp, visa, travel insurance, room and board in all locations, most meals (you only need to buy about five meals total all summer) and a small amount of pocket money. Some partial scholarships are available through the International Camping Fellowship for those with documented financial need. You can make this happen; the costs are lower than most programs due to the service-learning because we earn our room and board. Space is limited, so apply early for an interview.


Expand learning opportunities about youth development and make a difference for Russian children through cultural exchange. It can count toward supportive or elective courses in many majors, pre-professional hours, practicum or internships. You will increase cultural understanding and be an ambassador for your country, and have an experience of a lifetime!