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Thomas Green Clemson Academy Awards

TG Clemson Statue

Past Members of the Thomas Green Clemson Academy of Engineers and Scientists

The Thomas Green Clemson Academy of Engineers and Scientists was established to give special recognition to alumni and friends of the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences who have made major contributions to their professions and have brought significant distinction to the college and university. Those singled out for inclusion in the academy illustrate what can be attained through diligent application of talent, hard work, and dedication.

Inductees Class of 2020
Judith C. (Charlie) Blackwell-Thompson
Richard J. (Dick) Cottingham
Michael Mansuetti
Anthony Mathis

Academy Class of 2019
I.V. Hall
Denise R. Simmons
Vanessa Wyche

Academy Class of 2018
W.C. "Chip" Hood, Jr.
Raymond E. Jones
Kenneth L. Smith
Steven B. Tipping (Posthumous)

Academy Class of 2017
Janine Anthony Bowen Esq.
Robert Hambright
Mitch Norville

Academy Class of 2016
Gerald Marvin Glenn
Ronald C. Lindsay
Academy Class of 2015
Imtiaz ul Haque
Thomas F. Hash
Robert Lane Mitchell
Robert J. (Bob) Stanzione
Academy Class of 2014
James Randal Albritton
Mark Leising
Robert E. Skelton
Academy Class of 2013
Bryant G. Barnes
Academy Class of 2012
Peter N. Marinos
Academy Class of 2011
Terry K. Gettys
Walter F. Jones
Jay W. Lathrop
John W. Miley
Academy Class of 2010
David S. Rozendale
Richard F. Stockel
Event not held
Academy Class of 2008
Tom M. Keinath,
Dean Emeritus of Engineering and Science
John D. Petersen
Michael L. Watt
Academy Class of 2007
Joel V. Brawley,
Alumni Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
Donald D. Clayton,
Professor Emeritus of Physics and Astronomy
C. Tycho Howle
Academy Class of 2006
Wade H. Ponder
Ed Samulski
Academy Class of 2005
John Hardaway
Academy Class of 2004
George W. Fletcher
Lee S. Miller
Larry T. Taylor
Academy Class of 2003
David Bell
John Butt
Bobby Prochaska
Academy Class of 2002
James E. Bostic
Earl H. Wagener
Academy Class of 2001
Otha H. “Skeet” Vaughan, Jr.
Mitch Wells
Marshall White, Jr. “Sonny”
Academy Class of 2000
Jack C. McCormac
J. Kirk Sullivan
Kenneth B. Wagener
Academy Class of 1999
Frank S. Barnes
Cressie Earl Holcombe, Jr.
James H. Sams, Jr.
Academy Class of 1998
Joseph T. Bailey
Charles E. Littlejohn, Jr.
Academy Class of 1997
James Gerald O’Connor
Daniel C. Stanzione
William B. Sturgis
Wilson C. Wearn
Academy Class of 1996
William W. Dukes
George B. Nutt
Father of Agricultural Engineering in SC
Charter Members-Academy Class of 1995
Thomas Green Clemson;
Founder, Clemson University
Jerry E. Dempsey
Milton W. Holcombe
Leslie G. McCraw
Warren H. Owen BS
Linvil G. Rich, Dean Emeritus of Engineering