Human Resources

Employment and Tax

The Office of Human Resources is responsible for non-resident alien employment eligibility verification, determination of non-resident alien employee-independent contractor status, and related non-resident alien tax issues. Additional responsibility includes tax issues related to U.S. source scholarships awarded to non-resident aliens. For information or to schedule an appointment for employment, contact Pablo Unda ( in the Office of Human Resources, Administrative Services Building, 108 Perimeter Road.

Foreign national students, faculty, researchers, and staff who plan to work at the University must have the following original documentation and must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • An original signed U.S. social security card.
  • Original documents to establish identity and employment eligibility in the U.S.A. To maintain employment eligibility, your original employment eligibility documents must be current and must not have expired. If you receive either a new or an extension of your employment eligibility documents, you must update your employment eligibility verification to continue to work. See the Procedures section below.
  • Foreign national students must be enrolled full time, maintaining valid visa status, and be activated in SEVIS by the Office of International Services. A maximum of 20 hours work per week is allowed while school is in session. This is inclusive of all university departments.
  • J1 and F1 visa holders must be activated in SEVIS by the Office of International Services.

You cannot start working before you meet federal and state employment regulations. Your department will be notified when you have been approved to start work. 

  • Before your appointment with the Office of Human Resources, please complete the Foreign National Employment Forms Packet, print the forms, sign and date.
  • Bring to your appointment at the Office of Human Resources the completed forms, all of your original immigration documents to establish identity / employment eligibility, and your original signed U.S. social security card.
  • The department where you will be working will be notified of your employment status and related information. The department in which you work is responsible for your pay.