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Student Defense Calendar

November 2022

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Flexural Testing of Precast...
Alyssa Leaman
02:00 PM
Managing Teacher Attrition:...
Stephanie  Peagler
10:30 AM
Identity Tensions and Negotiations...
Hazel Vega Quesada
02:00 PM
Optical Control System For...
Martyn Lemon
04:00 PM





Yuehua  Zhang
09:00 AM
Quantifying and identifying...
Sophia Christian
09:00 AM
Jeremy  Spielman
09:00 AM
Performance of Full-Scale...
Thomas Solon
09:30 AM
Examining the perceptions...
Ryan Piller
01:00 PM
Different Tides: A Journey of...
William Gilmer
02:00 PM
Data In-Form: Measuring the Effect...
Matthew Chambers
10:00 AM
Samuel Eugene New
Samuel New
11:30 AM





The effect of freezing rates and...
Wesam Aljeddawi
09:00 AM
Cover Cropping and Organic...
10:00 AM
Developing and Facilitating...
Geoff Musick
10:00 AM
Nepantla: the space in-between
Samantha Shamard
08:30 AM
Learning to Reason About Code with...
Sarah Blankenship
10:00 AM
An Evaluation of Bovine...
Erin Amiss
01:00 PM
To Be a Cloud
Huan LaPlante
08:15 AM
Investigations into the...
Caroline Cox
11:00 AM





Iron Phosphate Glass for the...
Matthew Page
08:00 AM
Evaluation of Novel Management...
Daniela  Negrete
09:00 AM
Empowering Older Adults With Their...
Reza Ghaiumy Anaraky
09:00 AM
Naireeta Deb
Naireeta Deb
08:00 AM
Scuba diving social identity, type...
Tania Santiago Perez
10:00 AM
Machine Learning Solutions for...
Madeleine St Ville
10:00 AM