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Student Defense Calendar

March 2023

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Photovoltaics, Batteries, and...
Prahaladh Paniyil
04:00 PM





Enabling High Throughput and...
Snigdhaswin Kar
09:00 AM
III-Nitride Triangular...
Balaadithya Uppalapati
10:30 AM



Assessing Recreational User...
Crystal Strickland
10:00 AM
Tianmin Zhao
Tianmin Zhao
11:00 AM







Optimization Techniques for...
Blake Splitter
12:30 PM
It’s free real estate:...
Isabel Evelyn
09:00 AM
Mesoscale Modeling and Machine...
Malek Alkayyali
10:00 AM
Assessing the Key Parameters...
Mohammad  Al bashiti
11:00 AM

















Methyltransferase, Glucose...
Emily Knight
01:00 PM
Jonathan Bolton
08:15 AM
Prey preference of Chrysoperla...
Caitlin Silva
09:00 AM