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Student Defense Calendar

November 2019

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Development of a Blast Risk...
Paresh Poudel
02:00 PM
Microbiological Safety of Halal...
Omar Al Mahmood
09:00 AM
Investigation of the Variability...
Srinivasan Nagarajan
02:00 PM
Exploring the Design of...
Herminia Machry
12:15 PM





Cognitive Processes in...
Staci Johnson
09:00 AM
Tissue Engineering Model for...
Spencer Marsh
10:00 AM
UAV-Assisted Water Quality...
Cengiz Koparan
11:00 AM
Projections Of Typhoon Wind Speeds...
Sri Harshitha Polamuri
02:00 PM
Use of Conceptual Sketches to...
Nicholas Spivey
09:00 AM
Lorenzo Barberis Canonico
Lorenzo Barberis Canonico
11:30 AM
Functional morphology and...
Kelly Diamond
12:30 PM





Theory of extreme optical...
Nazmus Sakib
10:00 AM
Recollections: Life inSouth...
Thomas Cartledge
04:00 PM
Development and Assessment of...
William Eubank
01:30 AM
Abject Adaptations
Annamarie Williams
08:30 AM
Effects of a Chronic 0.1 uM...
Benjamin  McMichael
10:00 AM
Tanmay Bhatia
Tanmay Bhatia
10:30 AM





Shabnam Ahsan
Shabnam  Ahsan
09:00 AM
An Exploration of the...
Louise Orr
10:00 AM
Convergence Rates for...
Fun Choi John  CHAN
10:00 AM
Sruthy Orozhiyathumana Agnisarma
12:30 PM