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Student Defense Calendar

April 2019

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Comparing and Analyzing...
Cody Norris
08:15 AM
The Vacant Structure Dilemma
Katherine Howard
09:30 AM
’There’s Stuff Beyond...
Lauren Stephens
10:00 AM





Margaret Wages
Margaret Wages
09:45 AM
The Stiefel-Whitney Characteristic...
Zachary Johnston
10:55 AM
Bifactor Models and Factor...
Stephen Robertson
12:30 PM





Jesalkumar Thakkar
11:00 AM
Behavior and Energy Loss...
Andrew Montalbano
11:00 AM
Optimal Control of UV-Induced...
Shiferaw  Beyene
11:00 AM
A Systematic Evaluation of a Novel...
Veera Aditya yerra
01:00 PM











Xueheng Shi
Xueheng Shi
04:15 PM
Jointly Managing Biofuel...
Watcharapol Pumkaew
12:30 PM





Statistical Implementation of...
Stefani Mokalled
03:30 PM