Governor’s Awards for Excellence in Science

About the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Science

The award was established in 1985 by the Drug Science Foundation to honor specifically an individual or team within the state whose achievements and contributions to science in South Carolina merit special recognition and to promote wider awareness of the quality and extent of scientific activity in South Carolina. Since 1989 the award named the “Governor’s Award for Excellence in Science” has been under the joint sponsorship of the Governor’s office and South Carolina Academy of Science.
Since 2010, four awards have been given annually they are:

  • Excellence in Scientific Research (ESR)
    Presented to a scientist whose contributions to scientific discovery merit special recognition and have impacted the respective discipline on a national and international basis.
  • Young Scientist Award for Excellence in Scientific Research (YESR)
    Directed to a gifted young researcher who has completed no more than 12 years beyond the Ph.D. and has demonstrated the potential for major contributions to his or her discipline.
  • Excellence in Scientific Awareness (ESA)
    Presented to a candidate whose achievements have had significant impact on science education in South Carolina, have promoted wider awareness of science, and are of such high quality that they merit special recognition. These achievements may be in the realm of formal education activities or service to science through non-formal education in the various media. They should impact science education or science awareness on a regional and national basis as well as South Carolina.
  • Excellence in Scientific Research at a Predominantly Undergraduate Institution (PUI)
    Recognizes an individual whose achievements and contributions to science over at least a 10 year period at a predominately undergraduate South Carolina university or college merit special recognition.

Candidates should be currently working in South Carolina or have conducted a substantial portion of their work within the state. Contributions may be in any area of science and may be for service to science through non-formal education in the various media, for exemplary exposition at the college or university level, or as an acknowledgement for significant outstanding formal research. The award may be given to an individual or a team. For a team award, the honorarium will be distributed equally. Nominations for collaborative work are encouraged for each award.

Collaborative (Team) Awards
For competitive consideration, clear evidence of collaboration should be demonstrated directed toward a common scientific goal (e.g. via jointly authored publications and multi-investigator grant awards), and letters of support should emphasize the contributions of the team more so than individuals. The research team may include individuals from different institutions or companies. In the case of a team award, the honorarium will be distributed equally. 

You can find a list of past Governor’s Award for Excellence in Science awardees here.