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Faculty-Directed Programs

Science abroad
Science abroad

Every year, College of Science faculty guide Clemson students through coursework abroad. These faculty-directed programs can range in duration — anywhere from two- to five-weeks’ time — as students benefit from applying in-state tuition and fees to their travel. Students can also gain course credit for faculty-directed programs by enrolling with a Clemson course number during registration.

Costa Rica, which is where the Clemson Health Missions program is held.

Health Missions to Costa Rica

Contact: Adam Hunter at
Program Director: Dr. Vincent S. Gallicchio
Course Credit: BIOL 4880

Let your lessons in health care motivate you as you acquire medical, dental and pharmaceutical experience in the tropical setting of San Jose, Costa Rica. Apart from assisting and shadowing medical professionals in the establishment of rural health clinics, you can hike among the local wildlife and waterfalls or catch a morning brew after touring the Doka Estate coffee plantation.

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Clemson students visit Ireland to study statistics, food resources and Irish studies.

Statistics, Food Resources
and Irish Studies

Contact: Adam Hunter at
Program Director: Dr. Rose Martinez-Dawson
Course Credit: STAT 2220 (STS) OR STAT 2300, or MATH 3020 or FDSC 2140 (STS), or HUM 3090/HIST 4710 (Irish Studies)

Grow your cross-cultural awareness by exploring the topics of Irish literature and customs in this trip set in the charming city of Dublin, Ireland. The study of food science or statistics will accompany you as you join in a tour of the Guinness Storehouse or the Irish Parliament, or you can take a step back into history and medieval architecture by visiting the popular Dublin or Blarney castles.

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Clemson students learn about health services in Panama City, Panama.

Health Missions to Panama

Contact: Adam Hunter at
Program Director: Dr. Vincent S. Gallicchio
Course Credit: BIOL 4880

If you’re considering a career in dentistry, medicine or pharmacy, this trip to Panama City, Panama, could be for you. Within your studies of tropical diseases and the Panama health-care system, you can help to establish health clinics in rural areas under the supervision of a physician or dentist. Take a trip to the Panama Canal, or visit a village of indigenous peoples to experience the culture of this Spanish-speaking country.

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Clemson students can learn about General Microbiology in Poland.

General Microbiology in Poland

Contact: Adam Hunter at
Program Director: Dr. Lukasz Kozubowski
Course Credit: MICR3050/3051, IS 2100

In the historic city of Wroclaw, you’ll see microbiology in a medical/biotechnical context by visiting a clinical lab and learning how microbes ferment beer. In your free time, you can hike the Karkonose Mountains or take excursions to surrounding cities that cater to the medieval-era enthusiast, the spa-goer and the sports fanatic.

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Adam Hunter
Advising Program Coordinator for Student Services
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