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Together, We Are Transforming Discovery

State-of-the-art scientific learning and discovery facilities are crucial to attract top talent. As a Carnegie R1 institution, Clemson and the College of Science provide faculty and students state-of-the-art equipment, facilities and core support so they can take their research to the next level and make discoveries that improve the world and change people’s lives.

Our Facilities

CHG facility building

Self Regional Hall

Located in Greenwood, Self Regional Hall is home to the Clemson Center for Human Genetics and is dedicated to advancing knowledge of the fundamental principles by which genetic and environmental factors determine and predict healthy traits and susceptibility to disease. The researchers at the Greenwood facility are poised to translate findings into tangible treatment options more quickly and efficiently in collaboration with CHG’s community partnerships: Self Regional Healthcare, the Self Family Foundation and the Greenwood Genetic Center. The GGC and CHG share the only NovaSeq 6000 DNA sequencer in South Carolina.

Student and professor in AMRL lab examining material.

Advanced Materials Research Lab

Inside Clemson University’s 111,000 square foot Advanced Materials Research Laboratory are some of the world’s brightest researchers, using state-of-the-art equipment. The National Science Foundation, the Department of Defense and NASA have all recognized the laboratory’s work and have offered funding to fuel future innovation. Advanced materials research is about making products smarter, better and faster. The AMRL, an innovative campus and technology park located in nearby Anderson, is poised to become a powerful magnet for the advanced materials industry. Rresearch done here has a positive global impact and helps bring world-renowned companies to the Upstate.

Two people working in a lab.

Genomics and Bioinformatics Facility

The Clemson University Genomics and Bioinformatics Facility helps investigators use the latest genomics technologies in their research. The heart of the facility is Illumina’s NextSeq 550 NGS platform, which offers high-throughput sequencing used in many applications such as whole-genome, transcriptome and targeted resequencing. The CUGBF offers services to support the use of the NextSeq 550 from experimental design through bioinformatic deliverables. In addition to offering a full-service genomics lab and bioinformatics team, training is offered to students to work alongside our staff members to learn genomic and bioinformatics techniques.

Student working in lab.

University Core Facilities

The Division of Research manages core facilities available for use by Clemson faculty and students from all departments, as well as by other educational institutions and the private sector. The facilities include state-of-the-art equipment, competitive rates, and support from highly trained staff and directors. Facilities include the Clemson University Electron Microscopy Facility, which houses some of the world’s most advanced scanning and transmission electron microscopes; the Clemson Light Imaging Facility, which has a number of advanced light microscopes; and the Office of Animal Resources, which includes the Godley-Snell Research Center and the Aquatics Animal Research Lab.

Exterior of Life Sciences Building, Clemson University

Life Sciences Facility

Designed to LEED standards, this facility houses the Eukaryotic Pathogens Innovation Center, which aims to understand the cellular workings of parasites and fungal pathogens, and develop novel drug targets for some of the most devastating and infectious diseases in the world, such as malaria, amoebic dysentery and sleeping sickness. In addition, the Clemson Light Imaging Facility provides access to numerous confocal microscopes and cutting-edge devices to view samples at the highest optical resolutions, while the Science Genomic Support Center provides training and support for high-throughput genomic experiments and data analysis.

Clemson supercomputer cluster room

Innovation Campus and Technology Park

Located in Anderson, the Innovation Campus and Technology Park includes the Palmetto Cluster, one of the top 100 supercomputers in the world, and the Advanced Materials Research Laboratory, which is dedicated to making devices smarter, better and faster. The Innovation Campus and Technology Park houses the Clemson Nanomaterials Institute, with research programs in optoelectronics, chemistry and materials sciences, and also the Clemson Electron Microscopy Facility, one of the nation’s leading electron microscopy facilities. The professional staff guiding discovery in health innovation and nanomaterials research and provides services to private industry and academic clients.

College of Science
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