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Faculty-Directed Programs

Illustrative photo of London

Faculty-directed global engagement programs foster a global mindset that’s instrumental in preparing students to develop as global citizens.

Many Opportunities

These experiences help students rise to the opportunities and challenges faced by the worldwide community.

While in a faculty-directed program, students study and intern off the Clemson campus — often abroad — in a variety of locations under guidance of College of Science faculty, while gaining credit toward their degrees.

Faculty-directed programs typically range from two to five weeks and allow students to apply in-state tuition and fees to their travel. By being aligned with college priorities, these opportunities complement the student’s degree.

Students can also gain Clemson University credit for Clemson faculty-directed programs.


Group of students, holding orange Clemson flag, on street in Costa Rica.

Biological Field Techniques in Costa Rica

  • Contact: Caleb McGill
  • Program Directors: Kelly Willemssens and Lisa Rapaport
  • Course Credit: Either BIOL 4490/4491 (4 credits) or ANTH/BIOL 4550 (3 credits)

Learn about biological field techniques while immersing yourself in one of the most biodiverse areas on our planet. Coursework will focus on studying ecological principles or primate behavior while collecting data on various habitats and organisms such as spider monkeys, tapirs, toucans, red-eyed tree frogs, howler monkeys and many others.

Students in front of a red wall mural with text on it.

Global Experiences in Health Professions

  • Contact: Caleb McGill
  • Program Directors: Harolynn Williams and Caleb McGill
  • Course Credit: HPA 2010 (1 credit)

This experiential learning program affords students interested in health care careers opportunities to engage in global learning experiences, cultural competency training and ethics training, and to understand how health is shaped across different contexts and populations.

Student talking to locals in Panama

Health Missions in Latin America
(Panama and Costa Rica)

  • Contact: Caleb McGill
  • Program Director: Vincent S. Gallicchio
  • Course Credit: BIOL 4880

Note: The Health Missions in Latin America program is currently on pause.

Let your lessons in health care motivate you as you acquire medical, dental, physical therapy and pharmaceutical experience in the tropical setting of San Jose, Costa Rica, or Panama City, Panama. Apart from assisting and shadowing medical professionals in the establishment of rural health clinics, you will learn about the country and its culture, have a chance to visit the Panama Canal, hike among the local wildlife and waterfalls or catch a morning brew after touring a coffee plantation.

Impala, African antelope graze in green bushes.

Mammalian Ecology of South Africa

  • Contact: Caleb McGill
  • Program Director: John Cummings
  • Course Credit: BIOL 4490/4491 Field Ecology and Lab (4 credits)

This is a unique and rare opportunity for students who want to immerse themselves in fieldwork and learn field techniques. Students will spend two weeks applying various field techniques to study the unique conditions, both natural and manmade, that create the distribution and ecology of the mammalian fauna of South Africa. One week will be devoted to land mammals, and the other week will be devoted to marine species.

Group of students on a square in Poland

Microbiology in Poland

  • Contact: Caleb McGill
  • Program Director: Lukasz Kozubowski
  • Course Credit: MICR 3050/3051, GEN/BCHM 4900, STS 1010

Master basic knowledge of microbiological science, get hands-on lab experience and learn about the history of Eastern Europe and how the events of World War II influenced medical science. This program takes place in Wroclaw, a major science and cultural center of Poland and a key city in the development of medical science and microbiology during and after the war.

Decorative image of France

Modeling Methods and
Logistics Applications in France

  • Contact: Caleb McGill
  • Program Director: Kevin Taaffe
  • Course Credit: MATH 4400 or IE 4570 plus IS 2100 (6 credits total)

This program will focus on transportation, logistics and health care, and the fundamentals of mathematical modeling and how modeling is used to solve these complex issues. Students will visit French businesses and organizations in transportation, logistics, and healthcare, as well as having guest lectures or panel sessions with industry professionals as well as faculty from University of Clermont Auvergne.

Plan Your Study Abroad Program

Studying abroad requires careful planning to ensure that you receive all the credits you need by your anticipated graduation date. For example, you may have to take prerequisite courses or reorder some courses to free up classes to be taken abroad. You may need to consider how to finance your experience abroad. We are here to help you get to your destination and goal. Make an appointment with the College of Science Global Engagement team at the beginning of your planning process, and we’ll assist you with choosing a program, filling out applications and preparing for your time abroad.

  • STEP 1: Complete the Study Abroad Advising Form, including the virtual Study Abroad 101 session embedded within.
  • STEP 2: Explore program options and meet with your academic advisor about your degree progress and planning. Once you have an idea when to go abroad as well as what courses you will be able to take abroad, we can help you decide which program is right for you.
  • STEP 3: Make an appointment with the global engagement team for the College of Science. We will help you navigate the study abroad process, beginning with how to select a program. We will then help you verify that programs are accredited. We can also explain how your chosen program will convert into credits at Clemson.
  • STEP 4: Once you’ve found the ideal program, it’s time to apply and get courses approved for credit transfer. Have your coursework pre-approved to ensure you receive the maximum credit for the courses you take abroad. Complete the “Request to take Courses Abroad” form by meeting with your academic advisor and financial aid advisor, if applicable. This may require multiple signatures.
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