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Faculty-Staff Services

Faculty and Staff Services

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Welcome, faculty and staff! This section of the College of Science website contains resoures and information for faculty and staff.

As Clemson works toward becoming a top-20 public university through its Clemson Forward strategic plan, each member of the University plays an important role. Within the College of Science, our goal is to utilize this plan by employing individuals who aspire to enhance the academic, research and community environment. ScienceForward, aligned with ClemsonForward, will act as a roadmap to guide our strategic priorities and hold us accountable to our aspirations. We will focus on academic, faculty and inclusive excellence, seeking high impact and transformational experiences.

It is an exciting time to be at Clemson as we collectively advance ScienceForward!

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The bylaws of the College of Science, Clemson University, were approved by College of Science faculty on Dec. 7, 2018. This document is for internal use only. View the bylaws (PDF, login required).


2021 BoT Presentation

College Support

  • Accounts Payable and Receivable

    How to Reach Us

    If you have any questions, please contact your AP&R accountant:

    P-Card Documentation

    Detailed receipts/invoices are still required. Documentation should be submitted via email containing approval, purpose of the purchase, and account information.

    If your department is using a special email account set up to receive p-card email documentation, continue to do so. If you upload your documentation to the Bank of America Works system, continue to do so.

    The following special p-card accounts might be used by your department. Please contact your p-card liaison/AP&R accountant if you have questions about submitting your p-card documentation:

    Documentation for Reimbursement

    This must be submitted electronically to your AP&R Accountant. Electronically approved forms, signed and scanned forms, and receipts should be submitted via email. If you do not have an electronic copy of your documentation and you don’t have access to a scanner, consider using Adobe Scan, which you can download on the Remote Work Resources page. This software will enable you to take a photograph and save it as a PDF. You can then submit the PDF via email. You also can take a photograph with your phone and send it via email.

    Documentation for reimbursement must include detailed receipts, which include:

    • Line item descriptions.
    • Subtotal.
    • Taxes.
    • Total.
    • Tip, if for a meal (up to 20 percent).
  • Administration

    How to Reach Us

    The College of Science Dean’s Office is staffed during normal business hours. You can also reach us via email or Webex Teams.

  • Communications and Marketing

    For Assistance or More Information

    To request services, please use the project request form and include detailed information.

    Available Services

    • Assist with communications to media, if applicable.
    • Write and/or edit communications.
    • Update and post on our website.
    • Assist with listserv emails.
    • Post on social media.
    • Conduct phone interviews and write stories.
    • Access file photographs.
    • Design print products; also, we can order and coordinate printing via our vendors.
    • Design and order promotional materials.
  • Continuous Process Improvement

    How to Reach Us

    General Information

    The Continuous Process Improvement Team is led by the chief of strategy and operations and is focused on increasing operational excellence through the implementation of standardized processes, metrics, systems and tools for the College of Science. The team is dedicated to enhancing college-wide productivity and efficiency.

  • Financial Analysis and Planning

    How to Reach Us

    Contact us by email or Teams:

    Available Services

    • Budget planning.
    • Running payroll and expense reports.
    • Reconciling the budget status report.
    • Reviewing and clearing the error report.
    • Entering IDOs and creating budget reports for advising and project cleanup.
    • Conducting budget analysis and budget management support for department unit leaders.
  • IT Services

    For Assistance or More Information

    Please contact CCIT using any of the methods below. The CCIT team will assist you or route your request to the appropriate team:

    Please do not send direct emails and other communications to the Science IT Team about IT issues. This will slow down the process of getting you the help you need. Using the ticketing system will allow us to effectively support the entire college. 

    Webex Teams

    • Install Webex Teams on your laptop and smartphone. Sign in with your Clemson credentials. This will allow us to communicate with you directly in a manner that will most quickly and efficiently resolve your issue.
    • Be prepared to use the VPN. Some troubleshooting methods only work with the VPN.

    Stay Alert

    Do not click on any suspicious emails or links. Do not download unnecessary data from the internet to your machine (images, software, etc.). Stay vigilant to keep yourself safe and cut down on IT-related issues. Microsoft Outlook/Exchange users, use the “Report Phishing” button at the top of Outlook to flag suspicious emails.

    Status Updates

    Refer to these sites to check on service status and subscribe to automatic notifications on services most important to you:

    Working Remotely

  • OSP/Pre-Award

    How to Reach Us

    Please visit the pre-award webpage for more information regarding the pre-award office and process for submitting a proposal. For more information on how to contact the team individually, please visit the team page; email is preferred. A number of helpful links can be found on the page as well.

  • Post Award

    How to Reach Us

    Email us directly (preferred) or call us (our office phones will forward to reach us remotely if needed). Visit the college Post-Award page for reference, including our contact information. A number of helpful links can be found on the page as well.


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