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Faculty-Staff Services

Submitting a Grant Proposal

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The College of Science grant support services team, part of the Office of Sponsored Programs Support Center, provides faculty and staff with professional, client-centered support and administrative expertise in the management of grant proposals. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Assisting faculty with proposal review and submission.
  • Developing proposal budgets.
  • Ensuring that proposal documents are compliant with sponsor requirements.

On this page you will find resorces as well as the necessary steps to initiate a grant proposal.


How to Get Started

Open the accordions, below, to find out more about initiating a grant proposal. For additional information, contact the OSP Support Center in Long Hall. Note that the former Funded Grant Repository PDF has been replaced by a link to the Office of Research Development (below).

  • Get Ready
  • Routing and Submission

    To ensure accurate and timely submissions, the College of Science requires that all related proposal information and documentation be submitted to Pre-Award staff at least four business days in advance of the proposal deadline for internal routing. If there are subcontracts on the proposal, that documentation must be submitted ahead of the four-day deadline. Proposal documents should be in final or nearly final form and free of obvious errors, markups or missing sections.

    All documents must be in final form, ready for submission and submitted to Pre-Award no later than 9 a.m. on the sponsor due date.

  • Office of Research Development

    Consistent with Clemson’s historic land-grant mission, the Office of Research Development supports faculty in their efforts to obtain extramural funding for world-class research creating new, breakthrough knowledge that contributes to the betterment of society and improves the human condition.

  • Contact the Team

    Need additional information? Contact the College of Science OSP Support Center:

    • 202 Long Hall, Clemson, SC 29634
    • Phone: 864-656-8972

    OSP Support Center Team

    Brittney Robertson Calwile

    Manager, OSP Support Center
    Phone: 864-656-3648

    Headshot of Brittney Calwile.As a manager of the OSP Support Center, Robertson Calwile assists faculty with ensuring accurate submission of grants to obtain funding to conduct research. She has extensive experience in the practice of mental health counseling, social welfare programs within disadvantaged communities, and case management requiring intensive organizational skill. Robertson received her Master of Science degree in applied psychology from Walden University and her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Coastal Carolina University. She has been recognized for exemplary performance in previous roles related to administrative duties.

    Michael Towery

    Grants Coordinator, OSP Support Center
    Phone: 864-656-3857

    Headshot of Michael Towery.Towery’s focus as a grants coordinator in the OSP Support Center is to partner with faculty to ensure successful grants submissions, helping faculty obtain the funding needed to conduct and continue research projects. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in business management from Clemson University.

Start Your Proposal