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Involvement Beyond the Classroom

Clubs and Organizations

Students practicing stitches on a banannaWith more than 400 clubs and organizations — and 20 science-focused clubs — on campus, your free time is what you make of it. Learn something new, hone an interest, engage in healthy competition or find your passion. Make lifelong friends. Extracurricular activities are the place to leave your mark and grow your leadership skills. Can’t find the organization for you? We’ll help you start your own.

Joining in extracurricular activities is a valuable part of college, because clubs and organizations present a chance to tailor your degree path to suit your post-college plans. If you want to get more involved in your major, take on a leadership role or meet peers with similar interests, membership in a club can be a great place to start.

Explore the options in the drop-down sections below to learn about all the clubs and organizations focused on College of Science students. Many clubs are open to a range of majors, so be sure to check each section if you have interests outside of your department’s clubs.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? For a comprehensive list of the 400-plus clubs and organizations across Clemson’s campus, visit the clubs and organizations website. The clubs below are organized by interest or department.


Choose the Perfect Fit

  • General Clubs


    Faculty adviser: Calvin Williams

    Purpose: For the dean of a college, the voice of the students provides a valuable perspective when making decisions that will affect the college as a whole. Those voices can be found in SciSAB — the Science Student Advisory Board — a club in the College of Science made up of juniors and seniors from each academic department. These chosen students represent the College of Science student body and lead initiatives to enhance the student experience in the college.

    Who can join? Any student who is pursuing a degree offered in the College of Science is eligible to hold a representative position on the board for their department, including freshmen.

    When is membership recruitment? Periodic recruiting sessions are held each semester based upon how many positions need to be filled. During recruiting, an email is sent to all students in the college calling for applications. In between recruiting periods, if a student is interested in applying, we encourage them to speak to their department chair as we take nominations from department chairs into special consideration.

    Colleges Against Cancer

    Faculty adviser: Michael Sehorn

    Purpose: Colleges Against Cancer is a student-led organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for the American Cancer Society in order to help fight back against cancer. Committee members plan the logistics of the Relay for Life event in the spring, host cancer-awareness events, recruit teams for the event and fundraise throughout the year. Colleges Against Cancer's mission is to reach the undergraduate student body, graduate student body, faculty, staff and community of Clemson University to support the American Cancer Society and encourage education about cancer. The Clemson chapter holds meetings every other Tuesday in the fall semester and meetings will be weekly in the spring semester.

    Who can join? Any undergraduate or graduate student may join this organization.

    When is membership recruitment? Members can join this organization at any time before the event. Teams aside from the Colleges Against Cancer committee may also create a team anytime before the event. Students can request to join the committee by emailing Students, faculty, and community wishing to create a team can do so by visiting this site.

    Tigers for Tigers

    Faculty adviser: Shari Rodriguez

    Purpose: Tigers for Tigers is dedicated to preserving tigers through education, research and service learning on local and global levels. Club goals are to increase awareness and interest in tiger-range countries and enhance Clemson University’s reputation for social responsibility and public service. The tiger is a powerful, unifying symbol for thousands of Clemson students, alumni, staff and friends. Its roar is heard at sporting events, and its paw prints line the highways to campus. Clemson has a tremendous amount of pride for its mascot, and members want to extend efforts to save the endangered tiger in the wild.

    Who can join? Anyone.

    When is membership recruitment? Every semester. Each semester starts with informational sessions about the club. Regular meetings are on Thursday nights. There is a $10 membership fee.

  • Biological Sciences and Microbiology

    Biological Sciences Honor Society

    Faculty adviser: Tammy McNutt-Scott

    Purpose: Beta Beta Beta is an honor society for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in improving the understanding and appreciation of study in biological sciences. In addition, the organization is committed to service and to increasing knowledge through scientific research opportunities. Members are involved in tutoring local elementary schools, Relay for Life, selling monogrammed lab coats to Clemson students and being ambassadors to future Clemson students interested in fields of science.

    Who can join? Eligible undergraduate students must have complete 45 credit hours and achieved a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA and 3.2 science GPA.

    When is membership recruitment? Members are recruited in the spring semester.

    Clemson University Entomology Society

    Faculty adviser: Mike Ferro

    Purpose: The purpose of the Clemson University Entomology Society is to promote the discipline of entomology and environmental awareness to the public, and to support professional development for the scientific community.

    Who can join? Open to all students.

    When is membership recruitment? The society accepts new students at any time, though membership recruitment is generally held August – September.

    Clemson University Microbiology Society

    Faculty adviser: Harry Kurtz

    Purpose: The Clemson University Microbiological Society is an organization designed for undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in microbiology. The organization offers students a discounted membership to the American Society of Microbiology as well as the opportunity to make connections in the microbiology department at Clemson. Activities include presentations from professors and other microbiology professionals, and field trips to such locations as Thomas Creek Brewery, Mushroom Mountain and Chateau Elan.

    Who can join? Any undergraduate or graduate student with an interest in microbiology.

    When is membership recruitment? Continuous.

  • Chemistry

    Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society

    Faculty advisers: Tania Houjeiry and Leah Casabianca

    Purpose: The Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society is the professional organization for students interested in pursuing graduate school or a chemistry-related job. The organization is one of the many American Chemical Society’s collegiate chapters around the nation. SAACS conducts outreach events with children of all ages, where members present fun experiments, such as making nitrogen ice cream and a variation of Silly Putty. The society has a bi-weekly meeting that includes guest speakers who often discuss their jobs or the research in which they are currently involved. Social events include cookouts, tailgating and more. The society has its own password-protected lounge exclusively for members.

    Who can join? Anyone with an interest in chemistry.

    When is membership recruitment? Students can join at any time during the year, but it is best to join at the start of the semester. The society meets every other Thursday night.

  • Genetics and Biochemistry

    Biochemistry and Genetics Club

    Faculty advisers: Todd LydaMichael Harris | Emeritus: Gary Powell

    Purpose: The purpose of the Biochemistry and Genetics Club is to help students interested in biochemistry and genetics learn more about these disciplines outside of the classroom. Students visit public and private environments where these disciplines are important, and learn about opportunities for additional training. The club is student led, and offers opportunities for students to hone their leadership skills.

    Who can join? Any Clemson student with an interest in biochemistry and genetics.

    When is membership recruitment? New members are recruited at the beginning of each semester.

  • Health Professions

    Alpha Epsilon Delta

    Faculty adviser: Michael Sehorn

    Purpose: Alpha Epsilon Delta is a premedical honor society dedicated to preparing and exposing interested students to medicine and other health-care disciplines. The mission of the society is to encourage and recognize excellence in premedical scholarship; to stimulate an appreciation of the importance of premedical education; to promote communication between medical and premedical students and educators; to provide a forum for students with common interests; and to use its resources to benefit health organizations, charities and the community. The Clemson chapter of AED hosts meetings throughout the year with physicians and dentists, Kaplan test drives, trips to medical, dental, optometry and other professional schools, and is committed to serving the community through various service projects.

    Who can join? Any Clemson student with 30 Clemson credit hours and 3.2 or greater overall GPA and science GPA can join AED and become an official member. Those lacking the hours or GPA can still attend meetings.

    When is membership recruitment? Applications can be found at and typically are accepted through October.

    American Medical Student Association

    Faculty adviser: Vincent Gallicchio

    Purpose: AMSA is a student-governed national organization committed to representing the concerns of physicians-in-training. AMSA provides access to both local physicians and those involved with the admissions process for local medical schools through the “Lunch and Learn” program. AMSA also has concentrations within the club in which members can become involved, such as oncology, emergency medicine, sports medicine, primary care and advocacy.

    Who can join? AMSA is open to any student at Clemson University who is interested in pursuing a career in the medical field. Most members are pre-med, but the association also includes students who are interested in PT, OT and PA school.

    When is membership recruitment? There is no formal recruitment; anyone who is interested in joining can come to meetings but will not be an official part of Clemson AMSA until a $75 national AMSA fee and a $25 Clemson AMSA fee are paid.

    Foundation for the International Medical Relief of Children

    Faculty adviser: Julia Brumaghim

    Purpose: Foundation for the International Medical Relief of Children is a 501(c)3, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving pediatric and maternal health in the developing world through the implementation of innovative and self-sustainable health improvement programs. Through its network of outpatient clinics and partnerships, FIMRC asserts a multidimensional strategy that includes clinical services, extensive community outreach efforts and health-education programs. The chapter at Clemson is currently focusing on clinics located in El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. FIMRC support clinics by sending medications and other supplies, and every spring break the club sends volunteers to sites to give firsthand care. Members also volunteer in the Clemson community.

    Pre-Dental Club

    Faculty adviser: Vincent Gallicchio

    Purpose: The Pre-Dental Club serves as an outlet for undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in dental medicine. It provides students with numerous opportunities to further their knowledge of the field of dentistry and the expectations associated with acceptance into dental school. The Pre-Dental Club also strives to be active in the community and to give back through volunteer service and philanthropic support. The purpose of the organization is to establish a community of students interested in the field of dentistry that will facilitate relationships and provide a support network. The club also aims to promote dental health within the university and community at large and provides a way for pre-dental students to access help with dental school applications, testing and general knowledge.

    Who can join? Undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in dental medicine.

    When is membership recruitment? Continuous. Dues are $5.

    Clemson University PrePharmacy Club

    Faculty adviser: Tom Hickman

    Purpose: The Clemson University PrePharmacy Club is an organization devoted to guiding students towards a profession in pharmacy. The mission of the club is to promote educational importance, encourage dedication to a pharmaceutical discipline, stimulate contact between undergraduate students and professionals, and bind those with similar interests. The Clemson University PrePharmacy Club hosts meetings throughout the year as well as guest speaker events and PCAT study sessions.

    Who can join? The club is open to any interested undergraduate student.

    When is membership recruitment? Members can apply any time.

    Institute for Healthcare Improvement

    Faculty adviser: Ashley Childers

    Purpose: The Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s new Open School initiative is an opportunity for students and health-care workers to supplement or expand their education through a network of those interested in improvement. The IHI Open School offers a variety of online courses and aims to connect students, faculty and practitioners through campus chapters. Clemson’s chapter of the Open School aims to engage multiple, non-traditional disciplines to discuss health-care improvement and create a network of similar interests across campus. Clemson’s chapter is supported by the South Carolina Hospital Association as well as administrators and clinicians at local facilities that further extends students’ networking as well as volunteer opportunities.

    Who can join? Open to undergraduate and graduate students as well as any interested faculty.

    When is membership recruitment? New members can join at any time.

    ISL Clemson

    Faculty adviser: Vincent Gallicchio

    Purpose: ISL Clemson is a club committed to making Costa Rica, Panama — and the world — a better place. Explore the ISL website to learn more about the organization. This is a nonprofit, pre-health organization at Clemson University dedicated to finding students who are willing to help the people of Costa Rica.

  • Mathematical Sciences

    Actuarial Club

    Faculty adviser: Mark Cawood

    Purpose: The Clemson University Actuarial Club provides students with a better understanding of the actuarial profession and aids in the preparation for actuarial exams. The actuarial career is a math- and finance-based profession dealing with risk management. The club also encourages relationships between students and actuarial professionals.

    Who can join? Membership is open to anyone seeking to become an actuary.

    When is membership recruitment? Membership recruitment is early in the fall semester. The club is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

    Association for Women in Mathematics

    Faculty advisers: Lea Jenkins and Gretchen Matthews

    Purpose: The Clemson University student chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics — AWM — was created to encourage women pursuing education and careers relating to the mathematical sciences. The club mentors women at all stages of their mathematical careers by promoting increased awareness of, and interest in, the field itself, and the role of women in the mathematical sciences. Club members discuss issues that impede successful careers in mathematics, both in industry and academia, and provide outreach and service opportunities so that chapter members can influence the next generation of mathematicians.

    Who can join? Membership is open to anyone who is an ally of women in mathematics.

    When is membership recruitment? The association recruits members in the fall, but students can join at any time.

    Clemson University Student Council of Teachers of Mathematics

    Faculty adviser: Leigh Martin

    Purpose: Clemson University Student Council of Teachers of Mathematics is geared towards preservice teachers with an interest in mathematics. A perk of joining CUSCTM is that our members gain a free membership to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

    Who can join? Students who have an interest in teaching mathematics.

    When is membership recruitment? The council recruits new members during the fall semester of each year, though anyone can join at any time.

    Math Club

    Faculty adviser: Jim Coykendall

    Purpose: The Clemson University Math Club strives to develop the best math students possible by encouraging professionalism and competitiveness in service and social settings. Students in Math Club forge new friendships as they compete in national math events, attend conferences, hold professional development events and promote math education to the surrounding area.

    Who can join? Anyone.

    When is membership recruitment? Recruitment is held at the beginning of the fall semester, ususally through Tiger Prowl, but membership is open throughout the year.

  • Physics

    Society of Physics Students

    Faculty adviser: Chad Sosolik

    Purpose: The Clemson Society of Physics Students is an organization of students interested in physics, including astronomy, quantum physics, particle physics and all others. SPS is interested in providing a friendly and encouraging environment for learning more about physics in a university setting, as well as increasing awareness of modern scientific and physics-related advances and events. This is accomplished via public events, talks and other outreach events. SPS also provides a pathway by which undergraduate and graduate students in physics can join the national Physics Students Honor Society, Sigma Pi Sigma.

    Who can join? Anyone.

    When is membership recruitment? Main recruitment is in early September, but new members are always welcome. Members and perspective members are encouraged to attend business meetings.

    Women in Physics

    Faculty adviser: Joan Marler

    Purpose: Women in Physics is an informal organization that promotes women in physics. In monthly lunch meetings, the club discusses the current STEM, gender and education topics heard in the news. During Women’s History Month, members of the club enjoy snacks while discussing favorite female physicists. Outreach opportunities and “coffee break” activities are also offered.

    Who can join? Anyone interested in promoting women in physics. Open to undergraduate students, graduate students, postdocs and faculty in physics or a related science field.

    When is membership recruitment? All year. The mailing list is updated at the beginning of each academic year but new members can be added whenever requested.

Four Reasons to Join a Club


Clubs and organizations help students discover and connect with the many resources Clemson has to offer. For those new to college or Clemson, clubs can foster friendships.


Clubs and organizations let students discover what they like — and don’t like.


Joining a club or organization can be a résumé builder, and it’s never too early to start thinking about future employment.

Time Management

Involvement in a club or organization will require some time and energy, and help build time-management skills, which are useful skills to have.

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