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Accelerate Science

Logo - Accelerate Science with Tiger Paw.

The Accelerate Science strategic plan sets the course for our growth and excellence as a world-class college of science.

This plan reflects and guides not only our commitment to discovery, learning and engagement but also to the exponential power of integrating these three.

By bringing these three pillars together and emphasizing their interconnectedness, we are elevating our university and its Clemson Elevate goals, better preparing our students, and improving our nation and world.



Circle graphic, outer band is purple and says GLOBAL IMPACT, LOCAL RELEVANCE. Inner band is orange and says Discovery, Learning, Engagement. Center is white with the College of Science logo with Tiger Paw.

Mission, Vision and Core Values


We elevate Clemson’s local relevance and global impact through excellence in scientific discovery integrated with learning and engagement.


We will be a world-class college of science that tackles tomorrow’s scientific challenges, prepares the next generation of leading scientists, and fosters a scientifically informed society.

Core Values

Integrity. Curiosity. Inclusive excellence.

Accelerate Science Goals


GOAL: Increase national and global impact through excellence in scientific discovery.


GOAL: Enhance science learning experiences that elevate lives and livelihoods.


GOAL: Amplify engagement with science to build a better future.

Discovery Focus Areas

The College of Science is pursuing research in the following primary areas of focus, deploying our individual and collective strengths to drive advancement, to discover new knowledge, and to develop innovative approaches that will address key scientific and societal challenges.

Illustration with DNA held by hand.

Human Health

Through genetic research and increasing our understanding of biological complexities, researchers will advance human health, leading to precision medicine innovations to treat and prevent disease.

Hand cutting off a small flower.

Biodiversity and Sustainability

Improving our understanding of the complex diversity of life on Earth is critical to combating threats like climate change and the impacts of resource extraction and to discovering its novel applications.

Illustrative art, blue, with numbers and graphs.

Data and Information Science

Transforming massive amounts of data into useful information requires innovation that will support faster, more accurate and more powerful analyses, leading to solutions for real-world problems.

Illustrative image of a hand holding a lightbulb.


Powering our modern world requires innovation into energy-dense fuels and ways to convert energy into more usable forms and to store it for future use, supporting a safer, healthier and more functional society.

Gloved hand holding glass plate with metal wire sensor.

Advanced Materials

Deepening our understanding of design, synthesis and characterization of advanced materials will power the technological developments of the future that will improve lives and livelihoods.

Illustration of finger pushing down into blue streaks of light and energy.

Quantum Technologies

Quantum science and technology offers significant potential for scientific and societal impact, reinvigorating and revolutionizing advances in computing, sensing and energy storage.

Rocket launching into night sky with green aurora in background.

Astrophysical and Space Science

By studying space beyond Earth’s atmosphere, we seek to understand the universe beyond our planet and answer fundamental questions about the origin, processes and evolution of our cosmos.

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