Sick Leave

The chart below represents sick leave accruals which are accrued on the 22nd of each month in the Kronos leave tracking system.

To determine leave eligibility click on the additional resources listed below:

Sick Leave Policy

Summary of Leave Benefits

Standard work hours of 37.5

Decimal Minutes
9.38 9:22

Standard work hours of 40.0

Decimal Minutes
10.00 10:00

Family-Sick Leave

In coordination with your sick leave you may request to use Family-Sick leave to care for an immediate family member:

  • An employee may earn a maximum of 15 days of sick leave each year, 10 days of which may be used as family sick leave.
  • The employee's "immediate family" means the employee's spouse and children and the following relations to the employee or the spouse of the employee: mother, father, brother, sister, grandparent, legal guardian, and the grandchildren.
  • An employee may use the 10 days of family sick leave for family members' doctor appointments.