ARR Resistant Rootstock Breeding

Accelerate the breeding of Armillaria resistant rootstocks for peach and cherry through the use of DNA information.

The most economical and durable solution to combat Armillaria is the use of resistant rootstocks. A recently funded project has developed genome sequences and transcriptomic data for sources of ARR resistance including P. maackii, P. cerasifera and P. munsoniana (wild plums), and the peach x plum hybrid rootstock MP-29 (Wells Fargo, These data have yielded a short list of candidate genes and biochemical pathways that may contribute to resistance.

Pollinating in the field.The fourth objective will use this information to more rapidly breed new resistant peach and cherry rootstocks. Data will be used in comparative genomics and diversity profiling to determine how resistance alleles might manifest in cultivated and exotic germplasm. Molecular data can then be combined with phenotypic data to determine associations between antifungal properties of the Prunus germplasm.