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Animal and Veterinary Sciences

124 Poole Agricultural Center

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Avian Immunology, 1983-86, Mississippi State University
Ph.D., Poultry Science University of Georgia - 1983
M.S., Poultry Science Louisiana State University - 1979
B.S., Zoology Louisiana State University - 1976

Teaching and research as a faculty member of the AVS department. Teach Animal Health (AVS 3100), Creative Inquiry (Thornwell Farm Project), CAFLS Plus (Professional Development & Leadership), and advise undergraduate and graduate students. Conduct research in immunology, and serve on department, college and university committees.

Research interest:
Primary research efforts are with immunity of poultry species with an emphasis on studying the immune capacity of circulating thrombocytes of chickens. Inflammatory responses of thrombocytes have been determined after exposure of the cells to Toll-like receptor ligands (e.g., LPS or poly I:C) with the observation of changes in gene expression and mediator release of cytokines, a chemokine, a prostaglandin and nitric oxide. Other research interests include acute phase proteins, modulation of signal pathways influencing cancer and recovery of bioactive molecules from animal organs/tissues. Further, a recombinant protein produced in the laboratory is patented for treatment of certain cancers and is being evaluated for efficacy.

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Professional society activity:
Alpha Epsilon Delta
Sigma Xi
Gamma Sigma Delta
Blue Key – Honorary Member, 2003
Golden Key – Honorary Member

Honors and awards:
2014 South Carolina Advocate for Agriculture Award
2013 Honorary America FFA Degree Award

2013 John W. Parris Agricultural Leadership Award
2012 Collegiate FFA Advocate for Agriculture Award
2010 Clemson University Board of Trustees Award for Faculty Excellence

Animal Health, AVS 3100
Thornwell Farm Project - AVS 4220
CAFLS PLUS - AVS 4220,4090


ESCOP/ACOP Leadership Program, Class 6, 1996-1997 Food Systems Leadership Institute, Cohort 9, 2013-2015. SC Governor and US Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley - Mentor Director of CAFLS Plus Undergraduate Professional Development and Leadership Program