Entomology Club

The Clemson University Entomology Society (Entomology Club) is open to anyone in the Clemson community with an interest in insects. Full time students make up the core membership, but faculty and staff also participate in Entomology Club events.

The Entomology Club was founded over forty years ago with the purpose to promote the discipline of entomology and environmental awareness to the public. Club members participate in Extension and community service projects, including honey bottling and sales. Entomology Club members also organize and conduct outreach activities such as classroom demonstrations using live insects (if available) and preserved specimens from our Clemson University Insect Collection. The Entomology Club is currently selling Clemson Entomology t-shirts for fundraising.

The Entomology Club also sponsors student travel to scientific meetings and sends teams to both the Linnaean Competition at branch and national meetings of the Entomological Society of America (ESA) and to the ESA graduate student debates.

Each semester, the Entomology Club sponsors an invited speaker for the departmental seminar series. The club also organizes social events for the department, such as an annual spring barbecue picnic.

Contact: President Sophia Conzemius


The Entomology Club is selling Clemson Entomology shirts, $15 for short sleeve and $20 for long sleeve.  Available in orange and purple depending on availability.  Infant and youth sizes also available.  Contact Sophia Conzemius to order.

The Entomology Club is selling Clemson Entomology shirts


Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Michael Ferro

Entomology Club Officers for 2019-2020

President: Sophia Conzemius
Vice President: Nick Lyon
Secretary/Treasurer: Nathan Arey
GSG Senator: Sophia Conzemius
Outreach coordinator: Dawn Sikora

Entomology Past Officers 2018-2019

President: Matthew Green
Vice President: Roy Kucuk
Secretary/Treasurer: Danielle Lewis
GSG Senators: Roy Kucuk and Laura Vásquez-Vélez
Outreach coordinator: Anthony Deczynski

Entomology Past Club Officers for 2017-2018

President: Cory Tanner
Vice President: Cody Kerns
Secretary /Treasurer: Laura Vásquez-Vélez
GSG Senators: Cory Tanner and Cody Kerns
Outreach coordinator: David Bowers

Entomology Past Officers 2016-2017

President: Thomas Bilbo
Vice President: A. Daniel Greene
Secretary /Treasurer: Madeline Genco
GSG Senators: Thomas Bilbo and Daniel Greene

Entomology Past Officers 2015-2016

President: Anthony Deczynski
Vice President: Sofía Isabel Muñoz-Tobar
Secretary /Treasurer: Robert Bennett
GSG Senators: Anthony Deczynski and Sofía Isabel Muñoz-Tobar