Faculty and Staff


Peter H. Adler – ProfessorPeter H. Adler – Professor Emeritus
Office: Cherry Farm Insectary
Phone: 864-656-5044
Email:  padler@clemson.edu
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Biodiversity, Systematics & Evolution
Ecology of medically important insects, vectors, and pathogens; interactions with endangered vertebrates; ecology, and systematics of black flies; and the butterfly proboscis as a model for nanofluidic medical probes.

Robert G. Bellinger - Professor Emeritus
Office: 258 Poole Ag. Center
Phone: 864-656-5042
Email: bbllngr@clemson.edu

Agriculture/ Applied Ecology
Pesticide Safety Education Program Coordinator;  Management of on-farm stored grain insects, forage insects, and forest insects; Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Eric P. Benson – ProfessorEric P. Benson – Professor
Office: 266 Poole Ag. Center
Phone: 864-656-7860
Email: ebenson@clemson.edu

Urban/Medical Entomology 
Extension and research responsibilities for urban pest management, specializing on termites, bed bugs, cockroaches and ants. Teaching responsibilities include urban entomology,  insect biology and insect diversity.

Brett BlaauwBrett R. Blaauw - Assistant Professor (UGA/Clemson split appointment)
Office: 413 Biological Sciences Bldg., Athens, GA
Email: bblaauw@clemson.edu
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Peach entomology
Integrated Pest Management of insects and pollination ecology on peaches, particularly in Georgia and South Carolina

Carmen BlubaughCarmen K. Blubaugh - Assistant Professor
Office: 271 Poole Ag. Center
Phone: 864-715-2223
Email: cblubau@clemson.edu

Agriculture/Applied Ecology
Community ecology, predator/prey interactions, agricultural biodiversity and ecosystem services

Carlyle C. Brewster – Professor and Chair (PES)Carlyle C. Brewster – Professor and PES Chair
Office: 172 Poole Ag. Center
Phone: 864-656-4964
Email: carlylb@clemson.edu

Applied Ecology 

Gerald R. Carner – Professor Emeritus
Office: 265 Poole Ag. Center
Phone: 864-656-5040
Email: gcarner@clemson.edu

Agriculture/ Applied Ecology
Insect pathology and microbial control.

Jay Chapin – Professor EmeritusJay Chapin – Professor Emeritus
Office: Edisto Res. & Ed. Center
Phone: 803-284-3343 Ext. 226
Email: jchapin@clemson.edu

Agriculture/ Applied Ecology
Research and extension involving insects of cotton, peanuts, soybeans and wheat.

Michael S. Caterino - ProfessorMichael S. Caterino - Professor
Office: E254 Poole Ag. Center
Phone: 864-656-3105
Email: mcateri@clemson.edu
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Biodiversity, Systematics & Evolution
Systematics and evolution of beetles; population genetics and phylogeography; insect conservation.

JC ChongJuang-Horng Chong – Associate Professor
Office: Pee-Dee Res. & Ed. Center
Phone: 843-662-3526 Ext. 224
Email: juanghc@clemson.edu

Agriculture/ Applied Ecology & Urban Entomology
Ecology, biodiversity and management of insect pests and their natural enemies in turfgrass and ornamental plant systems.

Joseph CulinJoseph D. Culin – Professor Emeritus
Office: 101 Barre Hall
Phone: 864-656-2810
Email:  jculin@clemson.edu

Agriculture/ Applied Ecology
Population and community dynamics and arthropod biodiversity; biological control of the hemlock woolly adelgid; and biodiversity surveys in national and state parks in SC.

Jeremy GreeneJeremy K. Greene - Professor
Office: Edisto Res. & Ed. Center
Phone: 803-284-3343 Ext. 245
Email: greene4@clemson.edu

Agriculture/ Applied Ecology
Dr. Jeremy Greene has statewide responsibilities for research and Extension programming for insect management in cotton and soybean.

W. M. Hood – Professor Emeritus
Office: ENTOX Center
Phone: 864-617-2251
Email: mhood@clemson.edu

IPM involving pests of honeybees.

John MorseJohn C. Morse – Professor Emeritus
Office: 310 Long Hall
Phone: 864-656-5049
Email: jmorse@clemson.edu

Biodiversity, Systematics & Evolution
Biology and systematics of caddisflies; stream ecology and conservation; and the use of insect communities to monitor water pollution.

Francis Reay-JonesFrancis P. F. Reay-Jones – Associate Professor
Office: Pee-Dee Res. & Ed. Center
Phone: 843-662-3526 Ext. 208
Email: freayjo@clemson.edu

Agriculture/ Applied Ecology
Ecology and management of stink bugs. Sampling and spatial ecology. Corn insect pest management. Tobacco insect pest management.

Merle ShepardMerle Shepard – Professor Emeritus
Office: Coastal Res. & Ed. Center
Phone: 843-402-5393
Email: mshprd@clemson.edu

Agriculture/ Applied Ecology
IPM and microbial control of insect pests; rice breeding; insect biodiversity of the South Carolina lowcountry.

Rebecca Schmidt-JeffrisRebecca Schmidt-Jeffris – Assistant Professor
Office: Coastal Res. & Ed. Center
Phone: 843-402-5311
Email: rschmi3@clemson.edu

Vegetable & Strawberry Entomology
Applied arthropod ecology & IPM. Biocontrol, landscape ecology, pesticide efficacy and non-target effects.

Matt TurnbullMatthew W. Turnbull – Associate Professor
Office:327 Jordan Hall
Phone: 864-656-2328
Email: turnbul@clemson.edu

Insect Cell Biology & Physiology
Insect physiology, immunology, cell biology; evolution and role of gap junctions in development and cellular organization.

Jennifer TsurudaJennifer Tsuruda – Extension Entomologist
Office: 272 Poole Ag Ctr
Phone: 864-656-2218
Email: jtsurud@clemson.edu

Research and extension on honey bee management.

Al WheelerAlfred G. Wheeler, Jr. – Adjunct Professor
Office: 261 Poole Ag. Center
Phone: 864-656-5061
Email: awhlr@clemson.edu

Biodiversity, Systematics & Evolution
Ecology of terrestrial Heteroptera, especially Miridae; insects of specialized communities; detection and distribution of adventive insects in North America.

Geoff ZehnderGeoff Zehnder - Professor 
Office: 162 Poole Ag. Center|
Phone: 864-656-6644
Email: zehnder@clemson.edu

Agriculture/ Applied Ecology
Coordinator, IPM and Sustainable Agriculture Programs.

Pat ZungoliPatricia A. Zungoli – Professor Emeritus
Office: 264 Poole Ag. Center
Phone: 864-656-3137
Email: pzngl@clemson.edu

Urban/Medical Entomology

Ecology and management of insects in the urban environment.



Eddie Beard – Research Technician
Office: Cherry Farm Insectary
Phone: 864-656-5070
Email: cbrd@clemson.edu

Research assistant, Adler Laboratory of biting fly ecology and systematics.

Rex BlantonRex Blanton – Lab specialist
Office: 212 Poole Ag. Center
Phone: 864-656-3501
Email: rexb@clemson.edu

Research technician; building and grounds maintenance; safety and security coordination of Cherry Farm Insectary, Poole, and McAdams; departmental vehicle maintenance; equipment liaison; lab instructor.

Michael FerroMichael Ferro - CUAC Collection Manager
Office: 307 Long Hall
Phone: 864-656-5035
Email: mferro@clemson.edu 
Website: http://spongymesophyll.com

Overseeing operations of the Clemson University Arthropod Collection; research on systematics and evolution of a wide variety of beetles, particularly those associated with dead wood.

Tracy Reynolds - Adminstrative Assistant
Office: 171 Poole Ag. Center
Phone: 864-656-4964
Email: tracyr@clemson.edu

Administrative assistance to PES Department Chair; PES graduate programs assistant.


Thomas BilboThomas Bilbo – Ph.D. Candidate
Previous degrees: Biology, Denison University (B.S.); Environmental Toxicology, Texas Tech University (M.S.)
Major Advisor: Drs. Francis Reay-Jones and Jeremy Greene
Thesis subject/title: Development of Helicoverpa zea in transgenic corn expressing Bt toxins and implications for resistance
Year started: Fall 2015
Email: tbilbo@clemson.edu

My research interests are in improving the management of agricultural insect pests. For my dissertation, I focus on IRM and IPM of the corn earworm and fall armyworm in Bt corn.

My other interests include spending time outdoors fly-fishing, hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking.

Annie Borlik – M.S. Candidate
Previous degrees:
Major Advisor: Dr. JC Chong
Thesis subject/title:
Year started: Fall 2017
Email: aborlik@clemson.edu

David Quinn Bowers - M.S. Candidate
Previous degrees:
Major Advisor: Dr. Eric Benson
Thesis subject/title:
Year started: Fall 2015
Email: dqbower@clemson.edu

Anthony DeczynskiAnthony Deczynski – Ph.D. Candidate
Previous degrees: Entomology & Wildlife Conservation, University of Delaware (B.S.); Entomology, Clemson University (M.S.)
Major Advisor: Dr. Michael Caterino
Thesis subject/title: Flea beetle systematics
Year started: Fall 2014
Email: adeczyn@g.clemson.edu 
Webpage:  https://sites.google.com/site/caterinolab/people/adeczynski

I am studying and revising the taxonomy and systematics of flea beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae: Alticini) focusing on Epitrix and related genera.

Madeline GencoMadeline Genco – M.S. Candidate
Previous degrees: Biology, SUNY Oneonta (B.S.)
Major Advisors: Dr. John Morse
Thesis subject/title: Larvae of species of southeastern caddisflies (Trichoptera)
Year started: Spring, 2016
Email: mgenco@clemson.edu

For my thesis work, I plan to use genetic barcoding to match up and describe unknown caddisfly larvae to known species of adults. For my research assistantship I am helping write descriptions for an online key to freshwater invertebrates for use by citizen scientists in water monitoring programs.

Daniel GreeneDaniel Greene – Ph.D. Candidate
Previous degrees: Wildlife & Fisheries Biology, Lincoln Memorial University (B.S.); Biology, University of North Carolina Greensboro (M.S.)
Major Advisors: Dr. Jeremy Greene and Dr. Francis Reay-Jones
Thesis subject/title: Sustainable agriculture-based arthropod management in soybean
Year started: Fall, 2015
Email: adg2@clemson.edu

My research involves the implementation of innovative tools and techniques to assess and manage arthropod pest pressures in soybean. Spatiotemporal dynamics of trophic interactions of arthropods in an agricultural setting is a topic that I am broadly interested in. Away from school I enjoy watching and playing soccer as well as escaping to mountain trails.

Mimi JenkinsMimi Jenkins – Ph.D. Candidate
Previous degrees: Environmental Studies/French, University of Pittsuburgh (B.A.); Biology, University of Akron (M.S.)
Major Advisor: Dr. Peter Adler
Thesis subject/title: Native bee pollination of watermelon
Year started: Fall, 2015
Email: miriamj@g.clemson.edu

My work will be focused on enhancing habitat and forage for native pollinators of watermelon for a more sustainable and less economically costly system.

Cody KernsCody Kerns – M.S. Candidate
Previous degrees: 
Major Advisor: Dr. Jeremy Greene
Thesis subject/title: Pest management
Year started: Summer, 2016
Email: ckerns@g.clemson.edu

I am interested in row crop agricultural practices, pesticide resistance, and insect population dynamics.

Sofia MunozSofía Isabel Muñoz-Tobar – Ph.D. Candidate
Previous degrees: Biology, Universidad Catolica del Ecuador (B.S.); Entomology, University of Kansas (M.A.)
Major Advisor: Dr. Michael Caterino
Thesis subject/title: Speciation patterns of beetle in the highlands of Ecuador
Year started: Fall 2014
Email: smunoz@g.clemson.edu 
Webpage:  https://sites.google.com/site/caterinolab/people/smunoz

I am interested in the speciation patterns of beetles as a result of the uplift of the Andes and how beetles have adapted to live in these extreme environments. My PhD research will focus on analyzing populations of beetles that occur in the páramo ecosystem of Ecuador. 

Suellen PomettoSuellen Pometto – Ph.D. Candidate
Previous degrees: Entomology, Clemson University (M.S.); Education, Clemson University (M.A.)
Major Advisor: Dr. Peter Adler
Thesis subject/title: Self-repair and self-cleaning mechanisms of the proboscis of lepidopterans
Year started: Fall, 2016
Email: spomett@g.clemson.edu 

The structure and function of the lepidopteran proboscis are the subjects of research by a team of Clemson entomologists and engineers. The goals of the study include both basic research regarding the behaviors and mechanisms of the proboscis and application in nature-inspired designs of microfluidic devices. My research involves experimental elucidation of the behavioral processes of proboscis self-repair and self-cleaning at the organismal level. 

Cory TannerCory Tanner – Ph.D. Candidate 
Previous degrees: Horticulture, Clemson University (B.S.); Plant and Environmental Science, Clemson University (M.S.)
Major Advisor: Dr. J.C. Chong
Thesis subject/title: Determining the life histories and phenologies of various armored scale insect pests to develop and validate degree-day predictive models for scale management in Southeastern nurseries and landscapes.
Year started: Fall 2016
Email: shannt@clemson.edu
Webpage:  http://www.clemson.edu/cafls/faculty_staff/profiles/shannt 

Laura Vasquez-VelezLaura Vásquez-Vélez – Ph.D. Candidate 
Previous degrees: Biology, Universidad del Valle, Colombia (B.S.); Biology, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez (M.S.)
Major Advisor: Dr. Michael Caterino
Thesis subject/title: Taxonomy of Pselaphine Staphylinidae
Year started: Fall, 2015
Email: lvasque@g.clemson.edu 
Webpage:  https://sites.google.com/site/caterinolab/people/lvasque

I am interested on the evolution, phylogenetics, taxonomy, systematics, biodiversity, natural history and ecology of Staphylinidae beetles, especially ant-loving beetles (Pselaphinae). For my dissertation I am looking at the evolution of secondary sexual characters in a phylogenetic context for the genus Batrisodes Reitter, in North America, north of Mexico.

Coleson WregeColeson Wrege – M.S. Candidate
Previous degrees: Fisheries & Wildlife Mgmt, Lake Superior State University (B.S.)
Major Advisors: Dr. John Morse
Thesis subject/title: Improving water quality assessment using aquatic insects
Year started: Fall, 2016
Email: cwrege@g.clemson.edu

My thesis research involves comparing benthic biomonitoring surveys with adult light trapping for caddisflies. My assistantship is using benthic macroinvertebrates as biomonitors to assess the health of the Davidson River, NC.

Peng Zhang
Previous degrees: Plant Protection, China Agricultural University (B.S.)
Major Advisor: Dr. Matt Turnbull
Year started: Fall 2015
Email: pzhang2@clemson.edu