Entomology Research

Entomology faculty expertise is concentrated in three core areas. These programmatic areas continue longstanding strengths, providing students with depth and diversity in their training and advising. 

Agricultural & Applied Ecology

The importance of agriculture in the economy of South Carolina has always demanded a strong team of agriculturally focused entomologists. Our current faculty provide expertise on pest insects associated with cotton, soybeans, peanuts, corn, and tobacco, while conducting research to improve pest-control efforts and sustainability.

Affiliated faculty 

Bob Bellinger – Integrated pest management, pesticide safety

Gerry Carner (Emeritus) – Insect pathology

Jay Chapin (Emeritus)

Juang-Horng (J.C.) Chong – Ecology and management of forest, turfgrass and ornamental pest insects

Jeremy K. Greene – Management of cotton and soybean pests

Mike Hood

Merle Shepard (Emeritus)

Francis P. F. Reay-Jones – Ecology and management of stink bugs; corn and tobacco pest management

Geoff Zehnder – sustainable agriculture

Urban & Medical Entomology

Studies on the ecology and bionomics of perianthropic arthropods remain of critical importance in managing human and veterinary health. Research projects in this area examine various biting arthropods (flies and bedbugs), stinging insects such as fire ants and Asian needle ants, and structural pests such as termites.

Affiliated faculty

Bob Bellinger

Eric Benson

Juang-Horng (J.C.) Chong

Patricia A. Zungoli

Geoff Zehnder – urban agriculture

Biodiversity, Systematics & Evolution

Scientists have barely scratched the surface of global arthropod biodiversity. Even in the southeastern U.S., many new species remain to be discovered, and our understanding of the evolution of the region's arthropod fauna is fragmentary. Active systematic research at Clemson involves several large, ecologically critical insect groups, including beetles, black flies, and caddisflies across the southeast and beyond. This research is supported by the Clemson University Arthropod Collection.

Affiliated faculty

Peter H. Adler – Systematics and ecology of black flies (Simuliidae)

Michael Caterino – Systematics of Coleoptera

John C. Morse (Emeritus) – Systematics of Trichoptera

 The Entomology group also supports research programs in Insect Genomics & Physiology (Matt Turnbull) and Apiculture (Jennifer Tsuruda).