Clemson Food Science doctoral student wins Global Fellow award at IFNC Conference

Michelle Parisi, a PhD student in the Clemson Food Science program, was one of 28 doctoral students from around the world to receive a Global Fellow award at the Third International Food and Nutrition Conference (IFNC), held at Tuskegee University from October 9-11. The theme for the conference was “Sustainable approaches in Food and Nutrition to Combat Disparities in Childhood Obesity, Chronic Diseases and Food Insecurity.”

As part of the award, Ms. Parisi participated in an all-day pre-conference workshop focusing on bioethical issues around childhood obesity, and later presented her paper titled, “Microbiological and Nutritional Characteristics of Caged and Free-range Equol-enriched Eggs”, at the Global Fellows’ Forum. Her research compared the eggs of hens that were given three different diets (soy-free, 45% soymeal, or soy germ-enriched) over a period of eight weeks, and then conducted a nutritional and microbiological analysis of the eggs.