purple tiger

Take a tour on the WiLd Side!

Although we do not offer guided tours at this time you can watch the original Clemson Ice Cream being made by our students every Wednesday morning from our viewing area located in the lobby of Newman Hall.

If you have a group coming to campus, and would like to order Clemson Ice Cream, we offer 5 ounce cups of either chocolate or vanilla that you can pick up at any time you choose for your event or group. Simply call us at 864-656-2155 to place your order. Please give us about a weeks advance notice so we can prepare your order. We also offer 58 ounce tubs of chocolate and vanilla in our store, which is sold on a first come first served basis. 

Happy ice cream customer

Happy Customers make a Happy Clemson!

Vimeo Video produced by ESPN

Students making Golden Tiger ice cream

Clemson Ice Cream wins every Season!


Virtual Photo Tour

crew waving during production

cleaning ice cream freezer

assembling ice cream freezer

pouring mix into freezer

pouring mix into freezer

pouring vanilla flavor

vanilla half gallon lables

filling half gallons of vanilla

capping vanilla half gallons

students pouring caramel into ice cream mix

students making ice cream

filling ice cream into 3 gallon tub

blending ice cream

mixing donuts into ice cream

mixing chocolate swirl into ice cream

putting ice cream into walk in freezer

inside the ice cream freezer

1955 Class Banner