Clemson '55 Ice Cream Camp!

- A Hands on Virtual Experience!

(To Be Determined)

A “More than Virtual” Summer Camp!

Summer Camp just got sweeter!

Things are different this summer, and we want to help keep your kids busy. Our “More Than Virtual” summer ice cream camp is designed to help kids express their creative side while learning about the science of ice cream. While the instruction portion of this class will take place via online Zoom, we are excited to make this a hands on learning experience. Kids will learn how to make their own ice cream at home (no ice cream maker required!), and they will direct our staff in making their very own Signature Clemson Ice Cream flavor, which we’ll ship right to your front door.

When: Weeks of (TBD) , Monday-Wednesday 10-12pm, and the following Thursday 11-12. If you have a social group or extended family/friends (adults welcome!) that would like to book an entire session together, contact Dr. John McGregor at .

Who: Kids ages 6-11 and a parent (Session I), or ages 12-16 independently (Session II) – each registration is good for as many siblings as you would like- no added fees!

Where: Sessions will be hosted online via Zoom, and we will ship 6 pints of ice cream to your home.

Cost: $199, includes shipping of camp materials, online instruction, and 6 pints of your signature ‘55 ice cream flavor shipped direct to you.

Questions: Please contact Dr. John McGregor at .

Click to Register Online:
Session I - week of (TBD), Registration Closed for Session I
Session II - week of (TBD), ages 12-16

After we confirm your registration we will email you an invoice to pay online.

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photo of summer camp counselors

Hello! I’m Frances, a rising senior at Clemson studying food science with an emphasis on sustainability. Two of my favorite things are working with food, and working with kids, so this camp is going to be a treat for me too! Someday I hope to work in product development making healthy and affordable kid's products, but before that I'm planning on pursuing a master's in food science. I'm so excited to make ice cream with you all!

Hi there! I’m Amy Grace, I graduated with my B.S. in Food Science from Clemson last year and now I’m working on a Master of Food Science. I discovered my passion for loving others through food as a little girl and in college have found it an absolute JOY to help kids discover their own creativity! One day I hope to work in product development for a health food company. That doesn’t mean I don’t love ice cream though! Ice cream has been the focus of my graduate research and I believe it has a special place in everyone’s life!



crew waving during production

cleaning ice cream freezer

assembling ice cream freezer

pouring mix into freezer

pouring mix into freezer

pouring vanilla flavor

vanilla half gallon lables

filling half gallons of vanilla

capping vanilla half gallons

students pouring caramel into ice cream mix

students making ice cream

filling ice cream into 3 gallon tub

blending ice cream

mixing donuts into ice cream

mixing chocolate swirl into ice cream

putting ice cream into walk in freezer

inside the ice cream freezer

1955 Class Banner