Joe Mari Maja

Research Sensor Engineer
Research Scientist
Agricultural Sciences Department, Edisto Research and Education Center

Office: 64 Research Road, Blackville, SC 29
Phone: 803-284-3343
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 Educational Background

Ph.D. Information Science
Tohoku University 2003

MEng Computer Engineering
University of San Carlos 1997

MSc Information Science
Tohoku University 2000

BSc Computer Engineering
University of San Carlos 1991


My main responsibility is to work with REC researchers and SC growers (peanuts, cotton, soybeans and other root crops) in developing new technology to address current problems and future potential problems. I have developed different technologies to optimize farm operations. Some of the technologies that are currently on the testing phase: Intelligent Farm Controller (iFc) – Small size controller that runs its own small operating system and can be configured using terminal program. This will be used as the main coordinator for the Intelligent Pivot System but can also be used for other automation project; Pups – a small board (smaller than SC driver’s license) that transmits data from three different sensors into another controller e.g. iFc or to a computer. This will be used as a part of the intelligent pivot system project; Intelligent Spray Controller (iSc) – Spray controller powered by iFc that can control individual nozzles using pulse width modulation at 10 Hz; Penetrometer Board – small-sized board that incorporates GPS, Load Cell, Potentiometer and a trigger into one platform and stream all gathered information through either wired, e.g., USB or wireless (future) through Bluetooth or Zigbee.

 Research Interests

My research objectives are:
(1) To develop new or improve existing sensors for precision agriculture;
(2) To develop new technology for South Carolina Farmers that will help optimized their farm operations;
(3) To identify new tools or methodology that will help spur the use of new technology for farmers.


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