Shelley Myers

Postdoctoral Researcher
Agricultural and Environmental Science Department

Office: 280 Poole Ag. Center
Personal Website:


 Educational Background

Ph.D. Biology
The University of Auckland 2014

B.Sc. Zoology
Massey University 2009

 Research Interests

My research interests are directed towards understanding species diversity and the maintenance of species, specifically with regard to the insects.
Here, at Clemson I am looking at leaf litter beetle distributions in the Southern Appalachians. I place an importance on a holistic approach to researching the maintenance of species. This is achieved by examining multiple aspects of a species biology, including their environment, genetics, geologic history, and behavior.


Myers, S. S., Buckley, T. R., & Holwell, G. I. (2015). Mate detection and seasonal variation in stick insect mating behaviour (Phamatodea: Clitarchus hookeri). Behaviour, 152(10), 1325–1348.

Buckley, T. R., Myers, S. S., & Bradler, S. (2014). Revision of the stick insect genus Clitarchus Stål (Phasmatodea: Phasmatidae): new synonymies and two new species from northern New Zealand. Zootaxa, 3900(4), 451–482.

Myers, S. S., Trewick, S. A., & Morgan-Richards, M. (2012). Multiple lines of evidence suggest mosaic polyploidy in the hybrid parthenogenetic stick insect lineage Acanthoxyla. Insect Conservation and Diversity, 6(4), 537–548.