Akendra Jackson

Nutrition Educator
Berkeley County Cooperative Extension Office, Charleston County Cooperative Extension Office

Office: Berkeley/Charleston Counties
Phone: 843-730-5198
Email: akendrb@clemson.edu
Personal Website: http://www.clemson.edu/efnep


 Educational Background


Akendra Jackson has 12 years of experience with Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service (EFNEP). She serves Berkeley and Charleston counties as a Nutrition Educator. She works in the community and with other agencies to assist limited-resource audiences in acquiring the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and changed behavior necessary for nutritionally sound diets, and improvement of the family’s diet and nutritional welfare for the entire family. Akendra stated, "The most rewarding part of EFNEP is meeting new people and teaching them ways to live a healthier lifestyle. Her
eagerness to serve clients has helped people stay on the right track to enjoy better health.

 Extension and Outreach

- 2009 Most Creative Nutrition Educator Award
- 2016 Most Team Spirit Award
- Served as a State EFNEP Advisory Committee Member
- Served as a Teen Parent/Pregnancy Curriculum Committee Member


Berkeley EFNEP