Ahmad Khalilian

Biosystems Engineering
Agronomic Crops Program Team, Edisto Research and Education Center

Office: 64 Research Rd, Blacville, SC
Phone: 803-284-3343
Email: akhlln@clemson.edu
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 Educational Background

Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering
Oklahoma State University 1980

M.S. Agricultural Engineering
University of California Davis 1977

B.S. Mechanics and Farm Machinery Engineering
University of Tehran 1971

 Research Interests

Research interest: Precision farming technology, which includes development of innovative sensors, tools, and methodology for site-specific management of soil, pest, nutrient and water to enhance profits and environmental sustainability.

Other areas of interest: conservation tillage; sensor-based variable rate application systems for irrigation, nematicides, herbicides, insecticides, and nitrogen; application of compost for row crop production; energy; and hay harvesting equipment.


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