Alan Johnson

Associate Professor
Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department

Office: G-08C Lehotsky
Phone: 864-656-4390
Personal Website:


 Educational Background

Ph.D. Environmental Toxicology
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville 1988

B.S. Chemistry
Colorado State University 1980

 Courses Taught

ENR 1020 - Introduction to Environmental and Natural Resources II
ENR 3120 - Environmental Risks and Society
ENR 4290/6290 - Environmental Law and Policy
ENR 4500/6500 - Conservation Issues
ETOX 8410 - Ecological Risk Assessment


Dr. Johnson's research interests include ecological modeling, risk assessment, and science-based environmental policy and decision-making. His teaching focuses on introductory and policy-related courses for undergraduates, and a graduate-level course on ecological risk assessment.

Currently, Dr. Johnson serves on the departmental Tenure, Promotion and Retention (TPR) Committee and the Assessment Committee. He is also a member of the university Sustainability Minor Oversight Committee.

 Research Interests

Ecological modeling, environmental toxicology, and ecological risk assessment, with particular focus on:
• risk assessment and management decisions under uncertainty
• the water-energy nexus
• conceptual issues in astrobiology, including space colonization, terraforming, wilderness and conservation planning beyond planet Earth


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Allen, C.R., D.R. Uden, A.R. Johnson and D. Angeler. 2015. Spatial modeling approaches for understanding and predicting the impacts of invasive alien species on native species and ecosystems. Pages 162-170 in Venette, R.C. (ed.), Pest Risk Modelling and Mapping for Invasive Alien Species. CABI, Oxfordshire, UK.
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