Afreen Sultana

Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences Department

Phone: 864-710-3918


 Educational Background

PhD (Packaging Science)
Clemson University 2022-Present

Master of Technology (Food Technology)
Jamia Hamdard, India 2019-2021


I'm from India, and I'm interested about creating environmentally friendly food packaging. I'm currently employed by Clemson University's department of food, nutrition, and packaging science as a graduate research assistant. My research examines customer's emotional reactions to unpacking meal delivery box with an emphasis on recyclability.

 Research Interests

My work and knowledge on sustainability, waste valorization, and life cycle analyses of agricultural and bio-based systems inspires me to contribute to the existing knowledge on the currently prevailing increased problem of food wastage and inadequate packaging. At Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee I have worked on metal-organic framework, intelligent packaging (pH sensor for monitoring meat freshness) and biodegradable film.
Previously, I had performed research on the development of active corn starch film incorporated with green tea extract, rice bran extract and banana peel extract at Evirocor - Eco-Friendly Food Packaging company in Bangalore, India. During my bachelor’s I have worked on Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) of Indian Flatbread (Chapatti) at CFTRI, Mysore. During this internship, I had the opportunity to learn about different gas combinations and their application in MAP for enhancing the shelf life of Indian Flatbread bread.


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