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Armin Weise

Graduate Research Assistant
Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department

Office: G16
Phone: 828-808-4495



Educational Background

B.A. Environmental Studies
Warren Wilson College 2016


Armin is a Masters Student in Dr. Don Hagan's Lab studying longleaf pine restoration in the South Carolina Sandhills' Wiregrass Gap. His work will contribute to a better understanding of how factors like silviculture, harvesting methods, soil ecology, and land-use history drive the reestablishment of the understory herbaceous vegetation critical to longleaf pine woodland. Earning a bachelors degree from Warren Wilson College in 2016, his research there focused on the mycorrhizal associate of the non-photosynthetic plant pygmy pipes (Monotropsis odorata). Armin continued to worked extensively in the Southern Appalachian Mountains implementing forest management, consulting forest landowners, and promoting the reintroduction of fire to natural communities. He has been especially passionate about studying the local flora and fungal diversity with a soft spot for grassy woodlands, savannas, and wetlands.

Research Interests

Forest Ecology, Fire-Adapted Natural Communities, Grassy Woodlands, Grasslands, Plant Fungal Interactions, Mycorrhizal Ecology, Plant Diversity, Silviculture, Cultural Use of Forest Products and Ecological Forestry


Study Site 'Hardscramble'
Hardscramble iNaturalist Project

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