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Brunela Pollastrelli Rodrigues

Assistant Professor - Wood Utilization and Biomaterials
Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department

Office: 126 Lehotsky Hall
Phone: 864-656-3551

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Educational Background

Ph.D Forest Sciences (Area of specialization: Forest Products Technology)
Federal University of Espirito Santo, Brazil

M.S. Forest Sciences (Area of specialization: Forest Products Technology)
Federal University of Espirito Santo, Brazil

B.S. Forest Engineering
Federal University of Espirito Santo, Brazil

Courses Taught

Clemson University, USA
• Forest Products
• Wood and Paper Products

Southwestern Bahia State University, Brazil
• Research Project
• Research Seminar
• Wood Deterioration and Preservation
• Urban Forests
• Agroforestry Systems
• Tree Seeds
• Undergraduate Thesis I
• Undergraduate Thesis II

Federal University of Espirito Santo, Brazil
• Laboratory of physical and mechanical properties of wood
• Furniture Design
• Wood Products
• Non-Wood Forest Products


Dr. Brunela Pollastrelli Rodrigues joined the faculty as Assistant Professor in the Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department in 2023. She is originally from Brazil and holds three degrees from the Federal University of Espirito Santo where she worked since her first semester in the Wood Science Lab. Her passion for studying wood began when she looked at a wood specimen slide under the microscope for the first time. Dr. Rodrigues first came to the USA as a visiting student and worked closely with recognized USDA Forest Products Laboratory research engineers. Before accepting her position at Clemson University, she worked as a Postdoctoral Associate at the Department of Sustainable Bioproducts at Mississippi State University.
She has developed research in wood quality from forest plantations in Brazil and has conducted research projects related to computer vision wood identification and nondestructive evaluation of wood in the USA. She also taught courses in forestry and wood science subjects and mentored/advised undergrad and graduate students.
Dr. Rodrigues has been a very active member of the Forest Products Society, organizing sessions and chairing the Technical Interest Group (TIGs) in Processing and Wood Quality.
As a junior faculty with teaching and research appointments, Dr. Rodrigues is committed to providing high-quality instruction/ training in wood science and wood products to her students and stakeholders and developing a recognized research program in wood utilization and biomaterials.

- Professional Organizations:
Forest Products Society
Society of Wood Science and Technology
International Association of Wood Anatomists

Research Interests

Wood quality
Quantitative wood anatomy
Nondestructive evaluation of wood
Biomass utilization


Ravindran, P., Owens, F. C., Costa, A., Rodrigues, B. P., Chavesta, M., Montenegro, R., Shmulsky, R., & Wiedenhoeft, A. C. (2023). Evaluation of test specimen surface preparation on macroscopic computer vision wood identification. Wood and Fiber Science, 55(2), 176–202.

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Rodrigues, B. P., Senalik, C. A., Wu, X., & Wacker, J. (2021). Use of Ground Penetrating Radar in the Evaluation of Wood Structures: A Review. Forests, 12(4), 492.

Shmulsky, R., Lopes, D. J. V., Rodrigues, B. P., & Bobadilha, G. dos S. (2021). Strength and Stiffness of 8-Inch and 12-Inch Deep Mixed Oak Bolt-Laminated Timber Mats. BioResources, 16(2), 3298–3303.

Brito, A. S., Vidaurre, G. B., Oliveira, J. T. da S., Missia da Silva, J. G., Rodrigues, B. P., & Carneiro, A. de C. O. (2019). Effect Of Planting Spacing In Production And Permeability Of Heartwood And Sapwood Of Eucalyptus Wood. Floresta e Ambiente, 26, 1–9.

Freitas, T. P., Oliveira, J. T. da S., Vidaurre, G. B., & Rodrigues, B. P. (2018). Environmental effect on chemical composition of eucalyptus clones wood for pulp production. Cerne, 24(3), 219–224.

Moulin, J. C., Rodrigues, B. P., Oliveira, J. T. D. S., & Rosa, R. A. (2017). Wood characterization of black laurel wood [Propriedades tecnológicas do lenho de louro-preto]. Pesquisa Florestal Brasileira, 36(88), 415–421.

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Braz, R. L., Oliveira, J. T. da S., Arantes, M. D. C., & Rodrigues, B. P. (2013). Physical and mechanical properties of wood of Toona ciliata at different ages [Propriedades físicas e mecânicas de Toona ciliata em diferentes idades]. Floresta, 43(4), 663–670.


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