Bülent Koç, PhD

Agricultural Mechanization and Business
Agricultural Sciences Department

Office: 252 McAdams Hall
Phone: 864-656-0496
Email: BULENT@clemson.edu


 Educational Background

PhD Agricultural and Biological Engineering
PennState University 2000

MSc Agricultural and Biological Engineering
PennState University 1997

BSc Agricultural Machinery Engineering
Ankara University 1992

 Courses Taught

AGM 4060 Mechanical and Hydraulic Systems
AGM 4520 Mobile Power
AGM 4730 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Agricultural Production
AGM 8710 Advanced Precision Agriculture Science and Technology


Member: American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

 Research Interests

• Sensors and control in machinery and manufacturing systems
• Precision agriculture for sustainable crop production
• Biofuel production and characterization


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* Corresponding author


2018 - Clemson students place third in international mini-robot challenge
2016 - Clemson robotic harvester wows judges at international competition
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