Marie Hegler

Area Food Safety and Nutrition Agent
Food Systems and Safety Program Team, Anderson County Cooperative Extension Office, Greenville County Cooperative Extension Office, Spartanburg County Cooperative Extension Office

Office: Greenville
Phone: 864-365-0628


 Educational Background

B.S. Food Science
Clemson University


Marie Hegler is the Area Food Safety and Nutrition Agent for Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson counties. Her responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following: food safety programs for foodservice managers, hands-on canning workshops for those interested in safely preserving locally-grown produce, and nutrition-related programs for various audiences, including parents and senior citizens. She is currently collaborating with other FSN agents in producing short, informative videos that highlight common food safety issues and concerns for the public. Marie also makes frequent appearances on cooking segments of The Peggy Denny Show, where she strives to demonstrate the ease and enjoyment of healthy cooking. Marie loves cooking, laughing, and a good cup of coffee. She also aspires to learn more about raising miniature livestock.


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