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Steve Hucks

4-H Youth Development Agent
4-H Youth Development
4-H Youth Development Program Team, Kershaw County Cooperative Extension Office, Lancaster County Cooperative Extension Office

Office: Lancaster
Phone: 803-745-5004

Personal Website:


Educational Background

B.S. Computer Programming
Winthrop University 1993

B.S. Business
Winthrop University 1993


Mr. Hucks' responsibilities are 4-H Youth Development in Lancaster County and also assisting Kershaw County 4-H. He also serves on the 4-H Livestock Committee, Youth Livestock Steering Committee, SC 4-H Poultry Committee, Shooting Sports Committee, is a SC Master Food Preserver and Level 2 Nationally Certified 4-H Archery Instructor.

Mr. Hucks coordinates community clubs, various project areas, and implements school enrichment programs. When not implementing 4-H Programming you can usually find him on the family farm or in the kitchen.

Notable accomplishments for 2020-2023 include:
- Part of the Midlands Region Agents that created and implemented “4-H@Home”, a virtual program rolled out two days following COVID closures to provide daily hands-on lessons for youth who were now studying remotely. This program reached over 2,500 youth across 46 states and 8 countries. 4-H@Home and our team went on to win the 2020 NACAA National Award for Learning Modules.
- Part of the Team to implement the Clemson University- Youth Academy of Livestock Learning (CU-YALL). In response to cancellation of Fall Livestock Shows and Events, this program was created to provide an educational resource for our youth. Over 2000 youth from across the country were provided learning modules for 6 species (Beef, Dairy, Poultry, Rabbit, Small Ruminant (sheep and goats) and Swine). The series was culminated with a Knowledge College Quiz Bowl, along with interactive presentations and Barn Tours.
- Even in the midst of the COVID School Closures, Lancaster County 4-H provided a study of Life Cycles through our Embryology Project. All lessons were converted to virtual, videos produced and shared with teachers, who in turn shared with the students to help meet the standards for the grade level. Over 1200 students in Lancaster County were engaged in this opportunity.
- Creation and implementation of the 4-H Wood Duck Project, a local project started in Lancaster County in 2020. Impacts from this project have resulted in 27 youth gaining valuable knowledge in waterfowl management and record keeping skills. A total of 32 active nest have been tracked that resulted in the successful hatching of 178 wood ducks out of 307 total eggs laid.

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