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Lucas Clay

Extension Associate
Forestry and Wildlife Resources Program Team, Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department

Office: Campus - Lehotsky 280B
Phone: 765-760-7441



Educational Background

M.Sc. Forest Resources
Clemson University 2020

B.S. Natural Resources and Environmental Management
Ball State University 2018


I am an Extension Associate for Clemson Cooperative Extension, and I specifically work on Climate Smart SC, a pilot program to identify and implement climate smart forestry practices on forestlands in South Carolina. I identify and enroll landowners in the program, and then I assess and verify the implementation of these practices. I also develop programming with our various partners to help landowners and public stakeholders understand climate smart practices. I also help landowners understand and implement new conservation financing opportunities, including carbon markets, cost share programs, and payments for ecosystem services schemes.

Research Interests

My research includes forest economics, carbon cycling, and carbon offset markets. I focus on quantifying carbon sequestration and other ecosystem services at various spatial scales, including the plot level through on the ground carbon measurements, landscape level through eddy covariance towers and sensors, and at the state level through satellite imagery and LiDAR.


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