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Daniel Knapp

PhD Candidate - Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department

Office: G21 Lehotsky

Vita: Download CV


Educational Background

M.S. Biology
University of Alabama 2019

B.S. Biology
Pennsylvania State University 2012

Courses Taught

General Biology Laboratory I (BIOL 1050)
General Biology Laboratory II (BIOL 1060)
Animal Behavior and Personality Creative Inquiry (FNR 4700-076)
Hellbender Ecology Creative Inquiry (FNR 4700-043)


For my M.S. research, I studied how development, interspecific morphology, and predators influence the body stoichiometry of larval anurans. For my Ph.D., I am investigating the predator-prey interactions between eastern hellbenders and their primary prey, crayfish. Specifically, I am examining hellbender prey selection, and the influence of hellbenders on the anti-predator, spatial, and ecosystem-processing behaviors of crayfish.

Research Interests

Behavioral ecology
Predator-prey interactions
Ecosystem processes
Developmental plasticity
Nutrient cycling


Knapp, D.D., L. Diaz, S. Unger, C.N. Anderson, S.F. Spear, L.A. Williams, A.D. Kidd-Weaver, M.W. Green, O.M. Poelmann, J. Kerr, and C.M. Jachowski. 2023. Long-term retention, readability, and health effects of visible implant elastomer (VIE) and visible implant alpha (VI Alpha) tags in larval eastern hellbenders (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis alleganiensis). Journal of Herpetology 57(2):133–141.

Atkinson, C.L., D.D. Knapp, and L.L. Smith. 2021. Long-term patterns of amphibian diversity, abundance and nutrient export from small, isolated wetlands. Diversity, 12(3): 598.

Knapp, D.D., L.L. Smith, and C.L. Atkinson. 2021. Larval anurans follow predictions of stoichiometric theory: implications for nutrient storage in wetlands. Ecosphere, 12(4):e03466.

Atkinson, C.L., T.B. Parr, B.C. van Ee, D.D. Knapp, M.M. Winebarger, K.J. Madoni, and W.R. Haag. 2020. Length-mass equations for freshwater unionid mussel assemblages: Implications for estimating ecosystem function. Freshwater Science, 39(3):000–000.

Knapp, D.D., J.M. Howze, C.M. Murphy, M.C. Dziadzio, and L.L. Smith. 2018. Prescribed fire affects vertebrate use of gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) burrows in a longleaf pine (Pinus palustris) forest. Herpetological Conservation and Biology, 13:551–557.

Murphy, C.M., D.D. Knapp, J.M. Howze, M.C. Dziadzio, and L.L. Smith. 2018. An evaluation of the efficacy of box snake trap arrays and a suggested new trap design. Herpetological Review, 49:253–257.

Murphy, C.M., J.M. Howze, D.D. Knapp, S.K. Hoss, and L.L. Smith. 2018. Crotalus horridus hibernation behavior. Herpetological Review, 49:127.

Long, A.K., D.D. Knapp, L. McCullough, L.L. Smith, M.L. Conner, and R.A. McCleery. 2015. Southern toads alter their behavior in response to red-imported fire ants. Biological Invasions, 17:2179–2186.


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