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Eric Billman

Research Agronomist
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
PeeDee Research and Education Center

Office: Pitner 110
Phone: 843-662-3526

Personal Website:


Educational Background

Ph.D. Agronomy
Mississippi State University 2018

M.S. Agronomy
University of Kentucky 2015

B.S. Sustainable Cropping Systems
The Ohio State University 2012


Dr. Eric D. Billman is a Research Agronomist currently working on projects related to improving cotton management practices and water management for the southeastern U.S. His upbringing on his family's organic dairy farm in Ohio, coupled with his background in forage and cover crop genetics, has led to him experimenting with innovative cropping systems research that explores combining new cover crop species with cotton to reduce input costs to producers. Alternative forms of weed control, reductions in pesticide use, water conservation, plant responses to heat and drought stress, and forage and cover crop breeding are his primary fields of work.

Research Interests

Dr. Billman's research interests include incorporating novel cover cropping systems into cotton productions systems of the Southeast to reduce chemical and physical inputs, as well as investigating the potential benefits and efficacy of newly developed row and cover crop germplasm adapted for drought and heat stress. He also is working to develop novel grass and legume germplasm that are more tolerant of heat and drought stress in the southeastern U.S. Coastal Plain.


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