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Emily Anderson

Watershed Project Scientist, Clemson University Center for Watershed Excellence
Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department, Public Service Activities

Office: 509 Westinghouse Road, Pendleton, SC 29670
Phone: 864-651-0819



Educational Background

M.S. Geology
Northern Arizona University 2017

B.S. Geosciences
Middle Tennessee State University 2012


Emily has been the Watershed Project Scientist for the Clemson University Center for Watershed Excellence since August of 2021. She holds a B.S. in Geosciences and an M.S. in Geology. She has experience in surface water monitoring, geotechnical monitoring, environmental assessment, watershed planning, and conservation.

Emily currently serves as a program coordinator for SC Adopt-a-Stream, a statewide community water quality science program. She works to support the continued growth and development of the program by providing support for volunteers and trainers, helping manage day-to-day operations and database inquiries, preparing program resources and virtual learning content, and conducting outreach to program participants and partners. She is also involved in ongoing watershed planning efforts, primarily conducting GIS analyses toward goals of watershed characterization and restoration project prioritization.

Research Interests

Emily is interested in studying and addressing impacts to natural aquatic ecosystems; long-term impacts and predictions for local water resources in relation to climate change; watershed and hydrologic modeling; understanding roles of stakeholders and individuals in watershed protection; and working to engage communities through inclusive and accessible citizen science initiatives.

Extension and Outreach

Emily is a member of the State Team for SC Adopt-a-Stream, a volunteer water quality science program that works to engage communities from the mountains to the coast of South Carolina in watershed monitoring. She assists with program coordination and development, including outreach to partners and the public about program workshops, goals, implementation, and successes.


Anderson, E.S., Ort, M.H. and Oldenburg, C.M., 2020. Thermo-hydrologic processes in maar eruptions: The role of vapor transport and condensation. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 393, p.106809.



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