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Felipe Silva

Assistant Professor of Agribusiness
Agricultural Sciences Department

Office: 235 McAdams
Phone: 864-656-5764



Educational Background

PhD Agricultural Economics
University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2018

D.Sc. Applied Economics
Federal University of Viçosa 2017

M.Sc Applied Economics
Federal University of Viçosa 2012

B.Sc. Economics
State University of Feira de Santana 2010

Courses Taught

AGRB 4120/6120 - Regional Economic Development Theory and Policy
AGRB 4020/6020 - Production Economics
AGRB 4560/6560 - Prices
AGRB 8080/8081 - Empirical Methods for Agricultural Economists


Ureta, Joan; Silva, Felipe; Vassalos. Michael; Strickland, George. “Effects of Organic and Origin Labels on Consumer Willingness to Pay for Kale: A Case Study in Southeastern US.” Accepted in Journal of Food Distribution Research.

Behler, Shane; Silva, Felipe; Vassalos, Michael; Ureta, Joan. (2024) “Consumer Willingness to Pay for Visually Imperfect Organic Kale.” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. Published online 2024:1-25.

Hipolito, Bruno; Cardoso, Leonardo; Silva, Felipe. (2023) “Distributional Effects of Gasoline Tax in Brazil”. Applied Economic Letters.

Silva, Felipe F.; Kaplan, Scott; Tobar, Freddy Arturo Magdama; Potts, Matthew D.; Martinez, Ramon Leonardo Espinel; and Zilberman, David. 2023. Estimating Worldwide Benefits From Improved Bananas Resistant to Fusarium Wilt Tropical Race 4. Journal of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association 1– 15.

Keinath, A. P.; and Silva, Felipe. 2022. Economic impacts of reduced fungicide efficacy against downy mildew on slicing cucumber. Crop Protection 155:105934.

Silva, Felipe, Perrin, R. K., Fulginiti, L. E., Burbach, M. Can Engagement Improve Groundwater Management? Water Economics and Policy (2021)

Silva, Felipe, Fulginiti, L. E., Perrin, R. K., Braga, M. J. The increasing opportunity cost of sequestering CO2 in the Brazilian Amazon forest. Empirical Economics (2021).

Freitas, C.O; Silva, Felipe; Braga, M. and Mateus Neves. (2021) The effect of rural extension on farm technical efficiency in Brazil. International Food and Agribusiness Management Review: 24 (2)- Pages: 215 - 232. DOI:

Neves, M., Freitas, C., Silva, F., Costa, D., & Braga, M. (2020). Does Access to Rural Credit Help Decrease Income Inequality in Brazil? Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 1-21. doi:10.1017/aae.2020.11

Silva, F., Fulginiti, L., Perrin, R., and Schoengold, K.. 2019. The Effects of Irrigation and Climate on the High Plains Aquifer: A County-Level Econometric Analysis. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 1– 17.

Silva, F., Fulginiti, L., Perrin, R.. 2019. The Cost of Forest Preservation in the Brazilian Amazon: The “Arc of Deforestation”. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 44(3):497–512

Silva, F. d., Perrin, R. K. and Fulginiti, L. E. 2019. The opportunity cost of preserving the Brazilian Amazon forest. Agricultural Economics, 50: 219-227. doi:10.1111/agec.12478

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