Adam Haberski

Plant and Environmental Sciences Department

Office: Poole E280


 Educational Background

M.S. Biological Sciences
University of Alaska Fairbanks 2020

B.S. Wildlife Biology
University of Alaska Fairbanks 2017

 Research Interests

Taxonomy and systematics of rove beetles (Staphylinidae)
Biogeography of high-elevation and high-latitude insects


Haberski, A., D. A. Woller, and D. S. Sikes. 2021. Orthoptera of Alaska: A photographic key, new records, and synonymy of Melanoplus gordonae. Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification 44: 51.

Haberski, A., J. C. Hagelin, C. P. Barger, D. S. Sikes, and K. A. DuBour. 2021. An efficient method for sampling aerial arthropods at nest sites of an insectivorous songbird in steep decline. Avian Conservation and Ecology 16:1.