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Jordan Bailey

Lab Manager
Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department

Office: 121 Lehotsky Hall
Phone: 864-656-9766



Educational Background

MS Plant Protection & Pest Management
University of Georgia 2022

BS Horticulture
Auburn University 2016


Jordan has been the lab manager for the Coyle lab since January of 2023. She holds a B.S. in Horticulture and a Masters of Plant Protection and Pest Management in Entomology. Jordan handles much of the day-to-day lab business and generally keeps the Coyle lab running smoothly. She leads research on chemical management of Miscanthus and has experience in chemical and environmental safety, pesticide application & handling, integrated pest management, trapping & monitoring, field data collection, insect taxonomy, GIS technologies, and plant production.

Research Interests

Jordan's research is focused on the impacts of invasive species and forest health & management. Currently she is investigating the ecological impacts of invasive Miscanthus sinensis and how to improve management, utilize new control methods, and provide guidelines for management to landowners.

Extension and Outreach

Jordan currently serves as a program assistant for the Clemson Cooperative Extension Bradford Pear Bounty, a statewide exchange program providing native replacement trees to landowners as incentive for Bradford Pear tree removal. She works to support the continued growth and development of the program by providing support for the program coordinator, collaborating with SC Forestry Commission, helping manage operations and logistics, preparing program resources, and conducting outreach to program participants.


Bailey, J.B., Breeden, S., Sanders, W., Rios, T., Cheh, A., Brannen, P., Comparison of long-term activity of
fungicides applied early season for peach scab management 2021. Plant Disease Management Reports Article
number 16:PF030 2022.

Blaauw, B.R., Breedlove, J.. Evaluation of Insecticides for San Jose Scale Management in Georgia Peaches,
2019 Arthropod Management Tests 45(1) 01 Jan 2020.



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