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Jhessye Moore-Thomas

Climate Smart Grant Extension Associate
Leafy Greens Program
Horticulture Program Team

Office: Columbia
Phone: 512-537-6597

Personal Website:


Educational Background

M.S. Integrated Agricultural Sciences
Texas State University 2022

B.S. Biology
University of Central Florida 2009


I am an Extension Associate for the Climate Smart Grant program. I have worked in agriculture industry now for about 5 years, 2 of which were spent on an organic produce farm. I am interested in soil conservation, particularly on soil erosion and soil building techniques that help farmers and growers from every background. I enjoy teaching about natural resources and environmental education, especially when it comes to small-scale gardening such as community gardens. I have traveled all over the world and worked on small organic farms and environmental education centers to increase my knowledge about agricultural and natural conservation.

Research Interests

Soil Conservation, particularly soil erosion and how soil conservation techniques can be taught to agricultural producers and to the general public.

Extension and Outreach

I have one year of extension experience. I worked with South Carolina State University as an Agriculture Extension Agent.

I have also worked on outreach and recruitment efforts for the Climate Smart Grant Program when I was at SC State.

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