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Joan Urquiola Ureta

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department

Office: G20C Lehotsky Hall, Clemson



Educational Background

Ph.D. Forest Resources (Ecological Economics)
Clemson University 2022

M.S. Environmental Science
University of the Philippines Los Baños 2016

B.S. Environmental Science
Palawan State University 2009

Courses Taught

FOR 4160/ 6160 - Forest Policy and Administration

Research Interests

My research interests include development of environmental markets or payments for ecosystem services to support conservation efforts; ecosystem modeling and market and non-market valuation of ecosystem services; and river basin and water resource management.


Ureta, J. C., Trespalacio, G., Anastacio, N. J., Sapugay, A., & Ureta, J. (2022). Estimating Sediment Export and Retention Capacity of Existing Land Cover in Balanac and Sta. Cruz Watersheds, Philippines Using InVEST-SDR Model. Philippine Journal of Science, 151(5).

Ureta, J., Motallebi, M., Vassalos, M., Alhassan, M., & Ureta, J. C. (2021). Valuing stakeholder preferences for environmental benefits of stormwater ponds: Evidence from choice experiment. Journal of Environmental Management, 293, 112828.

Ureta, J., Motallebi, M., Scaroni, A. E., Lovelace, S., & Ureta, J. C. (2021). Understanding the public’s behavior in adopting green stormwater infrastructure. Sustainable Cities and Society, 69, 102815.

Ureta, J. C., Clay, L., Motallebi, M., & Ureta, J. (2021). Quantifying the Landscape’s Ecological Benefits—An Analysis of the Effect of Land Cover Change on Ecosystem Services. Land, 10(1), 21.

Ureta, J., Motallebi, M., Dickes, L., Clay, L., Ureta, J., & Baldwin, R. (2021). Understanding Stakeholders’ Knowledge, Awareness, and Perception of Conservation Programs in South Carolina. Journal of South Carolina Water Resources, 7(1).

Ureta, J. C., Vassalos, M., Motallebi, M., Baldwin, R., & Ureta, J. (2020). Using stakeholders’ preference for ecosystems and ecosystem services as an economic basis underlying strategic conservation planning. Heliyon, 6(12), e05827.

Ureta, J. C., Zurqani, H. A., Post, C. J., Ureta, J., & Motallebi, M. (2020). Application of Nonhydraulic Delineation Method of Flood Hazard Areas Using LiDAR-Based Data. Geosciences, 10(9), 338.

Roshetko, J. M., Dawson, I. K., Urquiola, J., Lasco, R. D., Leimona, B., Weber, J. C., Bozzano, M., Lillesø, J.-P. B., Graudal, L., & Jamnadass, R. (2018). To what extent are genetic resources considered in environmental service provision? A case study based on trees and carbon sequestration. Climate and Development, 10(8), 755–768.

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Ureta, J., Evangelista, K. P., Habito, C. M., & Lasco, R. (2016). Exploring Gender Preferences in Farming System and Tree Species Selection: Perspectives of Smallholder Farmers in Southern Philippines. Journal of Environmental Science and Management, 1, 56–73.

Pulhin, F. B., Lasco, R. D., & Urquiola, J. P. (2014). Carbon Sequestration Potential of Oil Palm in Bohol, Philippines. Ecosystems and Development Journal, 4(2), 14–19.

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