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Jacob Daley

PhD Student- Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department

Office: Cherry Farm Room 7



Educational Background

M.S. Forestry and Natural Resources
University of Georgia 2022

B.S. Aquatic Biology
University of Wisconsin Whitewater 2020

Courses Taught

I will develop a new course which teaches the statistical program R to both undergraduate and graduate student beginners from an ecological context.


I am studying the thermal ecology of fishes in the Edisto River in South Carolina for his PhD research. Specifically I am looking at the thermal tolerance of fish species of concern in order to identify thermal refugia for them in the face of climate change. Additionally, I am investigating how the feeding behavior of fishes in this river may change under different water temperatures. Furthermore, I am testing a model that claims to unify the methods used to test the thermal limits of ectotherms. More generally, I enjoy investigating how fish communities change under climatic and anthropogenic influences. My true love is teaching and I believe that the proper teaching of students can not only better prepare students for the field but also promote passion among aspiring scientists.

Research Interests

Thermal Ecology
Invasion Ecology
Aquatic Biology

Extension and Outreach

As Vice-President of the American Fisheries Society, I help sponsor events to help students in the field not only get to know each other through events like the annual fish fry, bi-weekly meetings, and stream clean-ups but also develop useful skills such as statistical programming, electrofishing, and otolith extraction through professional workshops. Furthermore, I strive to help bring in professional speakers for meetings to help students learn more about our field. Additionally, as the Wellness Chair for WinGS, I help sponsor get togethers for graduate students across the entre university. These events help give students a mental break and allow them to socialize with other students doing similar activities.


Size Structure of Largemouth Bass Comparing Invaded and Reference Georgia Reservoirs (in review)

Catch Data of Largemouth Bass Comparing Invaded and Reference Georgia Reservoirs (in review)


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