Kay Cooksey

Professor and Cryovac Endowed Chair
Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences Department

Office: 239 Poole
Phone: 864-656-4613
Email: kcookse@clemson.edu


 Educational Background

Ph.D. Foods and Nutrition
University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign 1992

M.S. Industrial Mechanical Technology - emphasis in Packaging Technology
Indiana State University 1985

B.S. Food Science
Purdue University 1984

 Courses Taught

PKSC 1020
PKSC 2020
PKSC 2040
PKSC 2060
PKSC 3200
PKSC 3680
PKSC 4640/4641
PKSC 6640/6641
PKSC 8210 Advanced Food Packaging


Dr. Kay Cooksey is a Professor and is the Cryovac Endowed Chair in the Packaging Science Program at Clemson University. She joined the faculty at Clemson University in October 1998 after working at University of Wisconsin-Stout for 5 ½ years. Dr. Cooksey was a faculty intern at Dupont Packaging and Industrial Polymers Division and had the honor of receiving the Reister-Davis Lifetime Achievement Award from the Food Packaging Division of the Institute of Food Technologists in 2010. Her research focuses on food and packaging interactions and includes active packaging (specifically antimicrobial), biopolymer packaging and shelf life studies and sustainable packaging.

 Research Interests

Antimicrobial Food Packaging
Active and Intelligent Packaging
Shelf life testing
Bio-based polymers


Selected List of Refereed Journal Articles
Richard, A., Cooksey, K., Darby, D., Bruce, T., and Aaron Brody, A. 2014., Measuring release of Nisin from Pectin Coating into Ready-to-eat Turkey during storage. Journal of Applied Microbiology. Submitted for Review.
Richard, A., Darby, D., ., Bruce, T., Brody, A., and Cooksey, K. 2014. The effect of bovine albumin and polymer type on nisin Z containing extruded film. Journal Plastic Film and Sheeting. Submitted for Review.
Richard, A., Darby, D.,, Bruce, T., Brody, A. and Cooksey, K. 2014. Development and Food Challenge Study of Nisin Pectin Coating for Ready-to-Eat Turkey Bologna. LWT. Submitted for Review.
Perna, M., Cooksey, K., Duckett, S., and Allgood, N. 2014. Comparison of Lipid Oxidation and Color of Grain and Grass Fed Beef Using Three Different Packaging Methods. Journal of Meat Science. In preparation.
Ellis, M, Cooksey, K., Dawson, P., Vergano, P. and Han, I. 2006. Quality of fresh chicken breasts using a combination of modified atmosphere packaging and chlorine dioxide sachets. Journal of Food Protection. 69(8):1991-1996.
Cooksey, K. 2005. Effectiveness of antimicrobial food packaging materials. Food Additives and Contaminates. 22(10):980-987.
Franklin, N., Cooksey, K. and Getty, 2004. Inhibition of Listeria monocytogenes on the surface of individually packaged hot dogs using a packaging film coating containing nisin. Journal of Food Protection. 67(3):480-485.

Book Chapters
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