Kesha Horton

Administrative Assistant
Lancaster County Cooperative Extension Office

Office: Lancaster
Phone: 803-283-3302


 Educational Background


Ms. Kesha Johnson is the new Administrative Assistant in the Lancaster County Clemson Extension Office. Kesha comes to us with extensive office management experience. She was an Administrative Assistant for the S.C. Department of Mental Health in Lancaster, SC and an Administrative Support for a growing church in Charlotte, NC for 16 years.

Kesha is very familiar with Clemson Extension and 4-H. She has children in the 4-H program in Chester County and has been a volunteer leader for her local 4-H club in Great Falls for eight years and served as secretary of the 4-H County Council for four years. Three years ago, Kesha decided to offer a series of summer day trips to her club and interested Senior 4-H members so that they could learn more about South Carolina history visiting all 46 counties. She named this innovative program the Chester County Youth Cultural Summit. They have been able to travel to 41 counties because of her fundraising efforts and soliciting businesses for donations. As they continue to visit the other 5 counties this summer, she plans to expand this program taking them to the theater, operas, etc… during the school year, exposing them to more culture. In 2016, Kesha was nominated for the Glen Krohn Award for Volunteerism in 4-H.

She also is a youth leader, youth choir director and assistant clerk at her current church. Kesha loves to teach sewing, baking and cake decorating. Kesha has 16-year-old twin girls and a 25-year-old son. She plans to marry in the fall of 2018. She is glad to be a part of the Clemson Experience!

You may reach Kesha by email at, or at 803-283-3302, ext 0.