Mary Vargo

Horticulture Agent
Master Gardener Coordinator
Horticulture Program Team, Greenville County Cooperative Extension Office

Office: 352 Halton Road Suite 302 Greenville, SC 29607
Phone: 864-365-0632


 Educational Background

M.Sc. Plant and Environmental Sciences
Clemson University 2020

B.Sc. Horticulture
Clemson University 2018

 Courses Taught

Master Gardener Volunteer Training Class

 Research Interests

Specialty cut flower research for SC growers.


Vargo, M. & Faust, J.E. 2022 Modeling the Effect of Temperature on the Flower Development Rate of Hybrid Impatiens.
HortTechnology 32:16-20

Vargo, M. & Faust, J.E. 2021 The Effect of Daily Light Integral, Ethephon, and Node Position of Impatiens ×hybrida Stock Plants on Flowering of the Harvested Unrooted Cuttings. HortScience 56:583-588

Bennett, K., Vargo, M., Schnabel, G., & Faust, J.E. 2020 Calcium Application Method Impacts Botrytis Blight Severity on Petunia Flowers.
HortScience 55:192-195


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