Mary Vargo

Extension & Outreach Garden Manager
SC Botanical Garden



 Educational Background

M.Sc. Plant and Environmental Sciences
Clemson University 2020

B.Sc. Horticulture
Clemson University 2018


Vargo, M. & Faust, J.E. 2022 Modeling the Effect of Temperature on the Flower Development Rate of Hybrid Impatiens.
HortTechnology 32:16-20

Vargo, M. & Faust, J.E. 2021 The Effect of Daily Light Integral, Ethephon, and Node Position of Impatiens ×hybrida Stock Plants on Flowering of the Harvested Unrooted Cuttings. HortScience 56:583-588

Bennett, K., Vargo, M., Schnabel, G., & Faust, J.E. 2020 Calcium Application Method Impacts Botrytis Blight Severity on Petunia Flowers.
HortScience 55:192-195


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