Nilesh Timilsina

Associate Professor, Forest Biometrics
Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department

Office: Lehotsky 272G
Phone: 864-656-1305


 Educational Background

Ph.D. Forest Biometrics
University of Florida 2010

M.S. Environmental Science
Florida International University 2005

M.Sc. Ecology(Zoology)
Tribhuvan University 1997

 Courses Taught

ENR 3020 Natural Resource Measurements
FOR 2530 Forest Mensuration
FOR 3020 Forest Biometrics


Dr. Timilsina is a native of Nepal where he finished his undergraduate studies. He has research experience working in the subtropical forest of Nepal, ecosystems of Everglades National Park, slash pine ecosystem of central Florida, and northern hardwood forests of Wisconsin. His past work focused on forest ecology, growth and yield models, heart rot of sugar maple trees, biomass and bioenergy, ecosystem service (especially carbon) estimation and valuation, and urban forestry. Before coming to Clemson, Dr. Timilsina worked as an Associate Professor of Forest Mensuration and Biometrics at the College of Natural Resources, University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. Dr. Timilsina also serves as the Associate Editor for Urban Forestry and Urban Greening.

 Research Interests

Forest measurements using remote sensing technology, growth and yield models, carbon estimation and carbon markets, spatial analysis of ecosystem services, and using statistical tools and forest models to answer forest management questions.


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