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Anthony Pometto III

Professor Emeritus
Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences Department

Phone: 864-656-4382
Fax: 864-656-0331

Vita: Download CV


Educational Background

Ph.D. Bacteriology
University of Idaho 1987

M.S. Bacteriology
University of Idaho 1983

B.S Biology
George Mason University 1976

Courses Taught

FDSC 4040/6040 Food Processing (every Fall semester)
PKSC 4010/6010 Packaging Machinery (every Fall semester
PKSC 8080 Biopolymer Plastics (every odd year spring semester)
FDSC 8510 Graduate seminar
FDTH 8510 Graduate Seminar
NUTR 8510 Graduate Seminar
PKSC 8510 Graduate Seminar


Journal of Food Biotechnology, Editorial Board

Research Interests

-Development of novel bioreactors and genetically modified microorganisms for the production of organic acids and alcohols.
-Isolation, characterization and lab-pilot scale microbial fermentations for production of unique enzymes and products for the food industry.
-Evaluation and characterization of the biodegradation of degradable plastic microbial bioconversion of food industrial wastes.
-Bioremediation of contaminated soil and water systems.
-Development of new microbial products and/or scale-up protocol for industry.
-Discovery and characterization of natural antimicrobials and prebiotics


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