Pratima Poudel

Graduate Research Assistant
Plant and Environmental Sciences Department, PeeDee Research and Education Center

Office: Pee Dee Research and Education Center
Phone: 843-615-3681


 Educational Background

Ph.D. Plant and Environmental Sciences
Clemson University 2021-Current

M.S. Plant and Environmental Sciences
Clemson University 2021

B.Sc. Agriculture
Tribhuvan University 2018

 Research Interests

I am intrigued in understanding the soil biological, chemical, and physical processes with different management practices. My dissertation goal is to understand the complete contribution of cover crops to soil organic carbon and nutrients availability, either as root exudates or dead materials, their stability and decomposition in sandy soils.


1. Poudel, P., Parajuli, B., Park, D., Ye, R., Cover crop residues decomposition and nutrient releases in a sandy Ultisols: impacts of termination timing. Communications in Soil Science and Plant and Analysis.
2. Poudel, P., Ye, R., Park, D., Parajuli, B., 2020. Management practices affecting the nutrient provision capacity of cover crops. Land Grant Press, Clemson University, South Carolina. LGP 1087.
3. Poudel, P., Shrestha, A., Shrestha, RK., 2018. Effect of nitrogen level on growth and yield attributing characters of radish. Horticult Int J. 2(4):208-210. DOI:10.15406/hij.2018.02.00054.


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