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R. Hanks

Adjunct Faculty
Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department

Phone: 186-420-0816



Educational Background

Ph.D. Forest Resource Management
West Virginia University 2016

M.S. Biology
Western Carolina University 2003

B.S. Biology
Presbyterian College 1999

Courses Taught

Forested Watershed Management
Forest Policy


R. Daniel Hanks currently works at Weyerhaeuser as an aquatic ecologist for the company's environmental research, south division.

Research Interests

Research interests include aquatic and landscape ecology, spatial and temporal recovery gradients due to environmental disturbance, and aquatic ecosystems in managed timberlands.


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Harris, A. R. D. Hanks, Y. Kanno, J. M. Rash, and D. W. Goodfred. 2020. Standard Weight (Ws) equation for Brook Trout in southern Appalachian Mountains streams. Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management. DOI: 10.1111/JFWM-20-026

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Hanks, R. D., Y. Kanno, and J. M. Rash. 2018. Can single-pass electrofishing replace three-pass depletion for state-wide population trend detection? Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 147:729-739. doi:10.1002/tafs.10061.

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Hanks, D., R. Andrew, and A. Anderson. 2015. West Virginia University graduate students lead citizen science program. Fisheries Magazine 40 (7):302.


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